My Hertford Library February Book Choices!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Love is all you need! The Beatles sang it and many people have wrote about it. In this month’s selection for my display at Hertford Library, I’ve delved deep into the theme. Not just to mark Valentine’s Day, but to remind us all about the love, bonds and people who makes us happy and whole. 

So, head to your closest library or bookshop, grab one of these and snuggle up this February with these page turners…

Normal People by Sally Rooney: Made into one of the most successful BBC TV series, this book will make you think about young love and the impact it has on you. From stolen kisses to erotic but real moments, you won’t want to put it down. 

The Secret Life of an Uncool Mum by Serena Terry: With hints of romance within this very funny book, the relationship in this book centres around one mother’s journey to discover herself again. All whilst building memorable moments with her husband and children. It will make you appreciate your mum a whole lot more. 

Between Us by Mhairi McFarlene: This Scottish author knows how to write a modern love story. Her novels will forever go down as contemporary classics. When a young couple split, they decide to remain friends. Until the female protagonist starts to see their relationship play out on TV through scripts her ex has written. Funny but also real too. 

The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary: Another modern classic, which has also been adapted for TV, this beautiful love story plays out through notes and messages left between the two protagonists. Upon deciding to live together, the two discover that whilst one is there during the day, the other is there at night. Hence the letters and notes. Yet, when they start to form feelings, they soon discover the people behind each one. 

One Good Thing by Alexandra Potter: When you think about love, do you think about all the relationships you have made around you? The ones with your neighbours,strangers or even work colleagues? Potter’s leading lady is faced with this, as she moves away to the Yorkshire Dales, after a heartbreaking divorce. After years of focusing on just one person, she soon finds herself making new relationships with the young and the old around her. One of the funniest but sweetest books you will read this year. 

Sh**ged. Married. Annoyed. by Chris and Rosie Ramsey: Two of the funniest people and couples around, these two will have you laughing with every single page of this book. No topic is refused, call in on listeners of their hit podcast of the same name, to give them topics to discuss. From how they first met to parenthood, they keep everything very real but ultimately fantastic. Listen to the podcast than binge this book too.  

We All Want Impossible Things by Catherine Newman: Our best friends make up some of the most important bonds we have in life. Often sharing the highs and the lows with us. So, how would you feel if you knew that your best friend may not be around for much longer? In a tragic but funny tale, Newman shares the love story between two friends who must come to terms with not being around for each other anymore. Get the tissues for this one lovelies!

The Last Train Home by Elle Cook: Ever wanted to know what happened to that stranger you saw on the way. Played out over each day, this book captures the bonds beginning to form between two commuters after they witness an event that changes their lives forever. Can they help each other? You’ll have to read the book to find out. 

Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding: Is it even Valentine’s month if this book isn’t on the list? Whilst many of us will know the character from her time on screen, the book is a certified classic. Go back to its origins and find out why we all just love Bridget so much. 

The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes: A family relationship is showcased in this book, yet, there is the strongest of romantic ties too. When a single mother decides to go away with her children, she finds herself falling for the man who stumbles into their lives. Moyes always knows how to make us feel all the feels. 

Book of the Month: Fair Rosaline by Natasha Solomons: We all know the story of Romeo and his Juliet. However, what about the story of his first love Rosaline? Going back to a time before the famous play, this modern version of events is gripping from the get go. You will be left feeling like all the romance from one of the most historical texts of all time is completely wrong. Honestly, you will be rooting for Rosaline by the end of. Controversial I know! 

What romantic books are your favourites lovelies? Let me know and I could pick one for a future display! For now though, I hope you all enjoy reading my suggestions, which are now up on display at Hertford Library. You can also ask your library to help you find a copy to lovelies. It’s time to fall in love again! 

Joey X

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