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Good Morning Lovelies, 

About a month ago, I stated that I wanted to bring my love of all things nostalgic to the blog, whilst promoting local businesses or creators. For me, there is nothing better than the 90s and early noughties. To me they were a time of pure wonder and joy! 

Today marks the official start of the new series, which I will be bringing to you all at the end of each month. To start the big event off, I asked my wonderful friend Sarah Cook, who wrote and released her first book, Diary of Murders, last summer!

It’s absolutely brilliant and topping the charts all over the world. Honestly, I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s dark, devilishly raunchy and gripping! You will finish it in one sitting. So, what better guest to start us all off with. It’s time to step into my new time machine and find out all about Sarah’s favourite nostalgic moments and items…

Let’s begin by letting you introduce yourself to us? Tell us your name, age and the year you were born!

Hi I am Sarah Cook, I am 34, and I was born in 1989 

Now, let’s step back in time! What year would you love to go back to and relive all over again?

Oh my gosh, a year in my life? That is tricky! Is it too gauche to say 2023? I published my book and it was just a really special year. 

Okay, now picture this, you have started school and it’s lunchtime! What foods do you always associate with either your packed lunch or canteen?

Dairylea Dunkers, cheese sandwiches, orange juice, and Frubes!

You’ve got to go into your last lesson of the day! What are you hoping it will be and why?

I really liked Maths. I liked solving equations and figuring it out. 

Schools over, you have rushed home to watch TV. What is it you are turning on? Why this show in particular?

Fun House! Omg I loved that was so much fun. It was just a fulfilled game show with the most absolute rocking theme tune.. I remember once I got grounded, and I wasn't allowed to watch it, and I could hear my old sister listening to it and I was DEVASTATED!!!

You’ve reached the weekend and you’re going to the cinema! What film do you remember seeing the most when you were younger or associate with your childhood? Why is this one such a classic to you?

Hook. Apparently it was my first film ever in the cinema but I can't remember BUT it is the film I associate most with my childhood. It is just a great magical story and never growing up with Robin Williams, it is incredible and even now it makes me emotional. Though I think as an adult it hits different.

You are back home and it’s time to play with your toys! What was the toy you most wanted when you were younger and why? Did you get it in the end?

Omg a number of ones. I can remember wanting trolls and barbies because my older sister wanted one. I was definitely heavily invested in tamagotchi craze and i got so many ha ha ha..I was obsessed with them.

Is there anything you still own from your childhood that you simply cannot bear to part with?

Oooomph probably not. I moved around a lot when I was a teenager so I don't remember bringing a lot of stuff around.

What moment in history do you think defined or stayed with you from your childhood? Can you explain why this left such a mark on you?

Princess Diana dying. Even as a child, I remember that being a huge thing. It took over TVs and everything. It was such a tragedy.

Finally, would you go back and do your childhood all over again or would you change it? And how much has it impacted you as an adult and what you do now?

I would change it. Lots of personal reasons why but a huge decision at like 11 impacted my whole life and I'd go back and see what the other route was like. I guess.

To read more about Sarah and to find out about her book and where to buy it from, head to her website now lovelies! See you next month for another time travelling treat! 

Joey X

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