The Five Things I Do To Help Me Sleep Better


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Waking up this morning, I felt motivated! I was ready to start the day well and refreshed! All because I got a few extra minutes in bed! Since leaving the hospital, I’ve turned into a very very light sleeper. Any noise or sounds can wake me up! I struggle to stay asleep, finding that I only get around five hours sleep a night. Something I know isn’t good for me. 

However, coming into 2024, I told myself that I would like you to get a bit more rest. I’m trying to not wonder upstairs at 11:30pm now. Instead I’m trying to get better at going up to bed and falling asleep earlier. 

I’ve learnt a few things along the way that have helped, which I thought may be handy to some of you too. For me, the following works a treat…

Create A Wind Down Routine: At around 10:30pm, this is when I feel my body start to slow down. I’m normally sat watching TV, so my body is in relaxation mode. I find that this is when I start to prepare for bed. I will have a warm cup of Vimto, take my medication and head on upstairs. Once my mind starts to do all of this it knows my bed is calling me.

Remove Screens From Your Room: When I finish up downstairs in our house, I leave my phone on charge in our living room. Very rarely does it ever go upstairs during the day, so I always leave it downstairs at night. Keeping it out of view means I’m not glued to it. I do take my iPad up with me, however, I leave this on charge away from me, using a cab,e that is too short to stretch to my bed and tempt me. 

Clean Your Teeth, Wash Your Hands & Use The Loo: Before I even think of getting into bed, I like to do what I call the three W’s. Wee, wipe, wash! This involves having a quick wee, washing my hands and then wiping away the dirt from my face. If I don’t do this I can’t settle. It’s like the switchboard from day to night for my brain. 

Listen To White Noise: Once I am in bed, I ask my Alexa to use an app called Sleep Jar to help me fall asleep. The ultimate comforting sound for me is that of rain or thunder. At the moment, I’ve taken to listening to rain on a tin roof or hitting a window. Both can have me falling asleep in no time at all.

Wear Cosy PJs: I don’t care if you give me a Burberry coat or the greatest, fanciest outfit ever, PJs are the best pieces of clothing ever invented. The cosier the better. In winter, I want warm fluffy numbers. In summer, I want short, loose items. Whatever is comfortable in regard to temperature and rolling around in bed when I first get in. Because I’m being honest now, as soon as I set foot in my front door in the afternoons, the PJs are going on!

Some of these things may work for you lovelies, whilst others may not, however, please don’t feel burdened by them. They are just simple things I do to help rand everyone is different. I’m not afraid to say either that I don’t do these all the time. However, cosy PJs are always a must for me aha! Sweet dreams lovelies! 

Joey X

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