Feel Good February Is In Session


Good Morning Lovelies, 

February is one of those months where everyone focuses on spreading the love across to others. However, it should also be the month to love yourself. I struggle with this all the time. Every day can be a hardship when living with my mental health situations. However, it doesn’t mean that I can’t do things to try and ease these matters. 

In fact, it is important to love yourself, because you have to stick up for yourself constantly. You have to keep the love alive otherwise it will completely disappear. This is why I’ve decided to make February my feel good month. Every single day, I’m going to try and do something that makes my head feel less fuzzy. A clear mind to beat the hard times. 

Therefore, I have made it my mission to do the following as much as I can to help me remain calm, happy and a little bit more relaxed…

A Daily Walk: Popping in my headphones, putting on some good music or podcast and wrapping up in my cosy winter wear, I will be heading out for a daily walk, come rain or shine, to help clear my mind. Sometimes when I start a walk, I find that I can be really struggling, but after five minutes, the fresh crisp air on my face has soothed me a lot. 

Hair and Skin Care: Years ago, I gave up trying to look after myself. My anorexia has made my once thick hair really thin and my skin is the same. However, now I have managed to change my mental health to be more positivity, I do a daily skincare regime, add lotions and potions to my hair and have brought many products to smooth, pluck, prime and protect my body. When I’ve done just one thing to look after it, I feel so much better. 

Show Us Your Teeth: My teeth and jaw have taken on quite the battle the past few years. Since breaking my jaw, I haven’t seen a healthcare professional in regard to them. My dentist has completely let me down, even after they received my discharge papers from the hospital. So, this February I am taking matters into my own hands. I’m going to be going to a specialist hygienist to have them deep cleaned and restored. There is nothing wrong with my teeth, however, I want to keep them healthy as much I can. It’s time to be brave again and smile my way to better teeth. 

Daily Vitamin C: For years, I have been taking multivitamins, calcium and other medicines to protect myself, due to my health. However, I found myself hitting a slump about lunchtime. So, I decided to up my vitamin C intake. Now, I find myself a little bit more happier, refreshed and energetic than before. Perfect for when the winter blues hit! 

Drinking More Water: When I was in hospital they would ration our water. We weren’t allowed to just grab a drink, we had to wait until we were allowed. It would then only be a set amount. Now, my head is terrified to just go to the tap and get a drink. A fact that scares me so much. However, I’m going to try and make the amount of water I drink bigger. I’m not saying Stanley Cup amounts just yet, but enough to try and overcome this fear, as I want to hydrate my body well in the summer without worrying. 

Feel good February is officially in session with these steps lovelies! What are you doing to make yourself feel good this month?

Joey X

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