Gibsons Have The Perfect Puzzles & Games To Gift This Easter!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Easter is fast approaching, which means a family gathering is getting closer! The perfect time to crack out a puzzle or game to keep you all entertained! Luckily, the brilliant team at Gibsons have created a number of new features to help you find the perfect one for your family! It may even be a great alternative to chocolate! 

With sizes differing from 500 to over 1000 pieces, Gibsons gave me a few to try and I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough. Forget finding a place on the table for the big spread because you are going to have to find a spot for your next puzzle instead. Especially if you pick up one of these wonders…

Jokesaws: Midsummer Mayhem Puzzle, £15.99: New for this year, this 1000 piece puzzle will have the whole family laughing, as the strange images come together. Vibrant in colour, the puzzle may look hard, however, it is quite easy to put together in fact. This means that even the little ones can join in with it too. An extra element to this puzzle that makes it better is that you have to find the clues to solve the murder that has taken place within the image. Will you be able to do so? Only creating it will let you know. 

Puss Back in Books Extra Large Puzzle, £16: Sweet in size and in imagery, the cute cats in this puzzle make it a classic in the making. When I saw this, I wanted to create it and then gift it to one of the elderly ladies we know on our village. After completing it, I loved the way that it reminded me of the puzzles my grandparents would make. A nostalgic image for all the family to remember for years to come.

Mind the Gap - London Underground Game, £14: The final thing I was sent to trial by the Gibsons team was the fantastic game! I would definitely suggest playing this before the Easter holidays with the young ones in your house. A bit like UNO, it has a more educational feel to it though. You and the whole family will work to get rid of all your cards first by matching up the colours and lines. All whilst learning about the routes and discovering the new Elizabeth Line too. Fun and interesting, what more could you want? 

We had a lot of fun recently making and playing these puzzles and games. For something that is different to gift, these are great and perfect for the whole family. There honestly isn’t a family member who wouldn’t enjoy these! I can’t wait to play the Mind The Gap game with my nephew, whilst lending the Puss Back in Books puzzle to my elderly neighbour. She is going to love it! 

To find the perfect puzzle, game or gift this Easter and beyond, head to the Gibsons website. They have loads available meaning you can get a whole mixture because who doesn’t love a puzzle? Plus, they are so perfect to share around too, so they are really the gift that keeps on giving!

Joey X

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