Need A New Hairbrush? Your One Might Just Need A Clean!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Do you ever look at your hairbrush and just throw it away from how dirty it may appear? I mean I’m not talking high levels of grime. I’m talking the normal amount. Well, you may not need to. You can prevent so much waste, whilst saving money too, by just giving it a good clean. 

Recently, I did this with mine and my mums. I went to town on them. Using water, soap and tweezers, I removed the hair, fluff and all the nastiest to reveal brushes that looked brand new. My hair felt the benefit of it too. Knowing I wasn’t going to be spreading any of the dead oils, serums and fluff into my hair on a daily bases, something that is horrifying when you think of it, made me feel so much better.

It is time to grab yours lovelies and give it a brand new do with my simple tips to making yours look fabulous all over again…

Wash The Brush: Start the process by washing your brush with a tiny spot of your shampoo. This will help to loosen some of the dead skin and oils that have been resting on the brush. 

Remove Loose Hair: Before you can get down to the little bits of dirt, you need to remove the big bits. Grab and take out any hair that is easy to remove from the brush. Place this in the bin when done. 

Use Tweezers To Remove Hard Grime: Got fluffy or little hairs wrapped around the base of the bristles? Take a pair of tweezers and pull these up. Then carefully remove and place into the bin. The more you remove the easier it is to see where dirt remains. 

Dust In between: Do you have a small makeup brush you no longer use? Take it and dust off any grime between the bristles. This will help to remove anything that may have fallen onto the brush when items were being removed before. 

Wash Again: Like you did at the start, use a small amount of shampoo and re wash your brush. Now it is as good as new! 

It’s so simple and saves a lot of time lovelies! Oddly, I found it quite therapeutic aha! My brush honestly looked like new and my hair is very thankful for it. I know yours will too lovelies! 

Joey X

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