Happy Mother’s Day Mum!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Today in the UK, it is Mother’s Day. To me there is no one better than my mum! She is a hero. She is superwoman. She is the leader of our family and the person who keeps us all going! 

Every single day, she works her socks off. She does everything for everyone. From our neighbours to me and my brother, she makes sure that everyone is okay before herself. I’ve seen her work to the point of exhaustion. Coming in from work and having a nap before heading out to help me or to go to her second job. All whilst keeping our house running. 

When she is with me, I feel safe. She is home to me. Since my dad passed away, she has become both parents and I will always be so thankful to her for what she does. I honestly wouldn’t be here without her! 

She puts up with everything thrown at her. When my anorexia makes me really struggle, she prepares my meals and helps me eat them. When my anxiety causes me to not want to get out of bed, she finds ways to help soothe me. From sequin art to counting coins, she knows just how to get me out of my head for a few hours. She even gets excited for me. Especially when it comes to Bluey. 

Regularly, she comes onto the blog and tries foods for me. She’s my taste tester and never ever moans about it. We have had many a moments of mutual respect when she tries something new, even when she may hate. She is always willing to help me with any project if she can. 

My mum is honestly the life and soul of my family. Of my life. I like Mother’s Day, as it gives me a dedicated day to praise her. However, I hope that I show her enough love, care and admiration throughout the year as well, because she deserves it so much. 

Mother Lover, I adore, love and thank you so much, today and everyday! You are amazing and I hope you never forget it! Have a fantastic day and love you always! 

Joey X

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