Become A Whisky Fan With The Whisky Tasting Company’s Great Gifts


Whatever the occasion is, whisky is a must have! Whether it is to be enjoyed whilst sitting by a cosy fire in winter or over ice in the summer, it can bring the ultimate flavours into your life. With a whole host of products to offer, the Whisky Tasting Company, has something for everyone to enjoy! Here’s how my family’s taste test went…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

With summer in the air, it’s the most perfect time of the year to enjoy a little tipple. However, for me, I used to find that a cosy glass of something, by a pub fire, is a whole lot better. Something my dad definitely agreed with! 

Often, he could be found having a glass of whisky somewhere warm. Even now, it is a tradition that on Christmas Day, we light a candle and pop a miniature bottle of his favourite scotch next to his picture in honour of him. Whilst my brother will take a miniature along with him to the beach to salute my dad. There so, whisky has played a huge part in my families life. 

When I was approached by the Whisky Tasting Company to see if I was interested in trying a sample of their range, I couldn’t help but say yes. As the perfect tribute to my dad, who I know would have happily taste tested the miniatures on offer. 

Unwrapping the very special parcel, I was amazed at how stunning the black box holding the bottles was. Including five whisky samples from around the world, including Sweden’s Mackmyra Brukswhisky, Japan’s Nikka from the Barrel, Scotland’s Clynelish, Wales’ Penderyn Single Malt and England’s Henstone Single Malt, the World Whisky Gift Set is simply beautiful. 

Alongside the 30ml samples, the box also included a whisky tasting mat, which allows those trialling the drinks to write down the notes they experience and tasting cards. It also has the space for personalised messages. 

Placing the mat onto our dining room table, I gather family members to allow them the chance to try the drinks. All in the special Glencairn Glass, which came alongside the set to allow for the best tastes and aromas to be experienced. Pouring in the first drink from Japan, they all agreed that it had a sweet taste to it, much like other Japanese drinks on the market. 

Cleaning out the glass for the next tipple, I decided to go for a more traditional one. Putting the Scottish drink to the test, my family enjoyed the hearty nature of the drink. My brother stated that this is the kind that you have in the heart of winter to warm. Wanting to see how this matched up to the English one, I decided to trial that one next. 

Playing bartender, I gave them each a chance to sip the drink, whilst also showing them how to swirl it to get the best flavours out. In a bit of a controversial move, my mum, her best friend and brother all preferred this one to the Scottish one. They stated that it reminded them of the classic tastes you get from a rich fruit cake at Christmas. Or in my brother’s case, it brought back memories of enjoying a tipple with my dad. 

Keeping with the home grown tipples, I left the Swedish malt until last to bring out the Welsh bottle next. This was the whisky that divided the group the most. All of them couldn’t decide whether they like it or not, deciding that they would pick some of the others they tried before this one. 

Finally, they got a chance to try the Swedish whisky, which they loved. Already declaring that this should be the drink that everyone has this year during Eurovision. Hearty, rich, with a sweet after taste, it is award worthy according to my mum, who isn’t the biggest whisky fan, yet, she really loved this one. 

Overall, the experience of trying the whisky set was super fun and allowed for our whole family to connect over them. Run by two people, the Whisky Tasting Company has provided a great tasting, fun and immersive experience that they should be proud of. With many gift sets and samples on offer, their website has many affordable items that will make the ultimate present for the whisky lover in your life. It is so good that it can even convert the whisky hater in your home! Honestly, you will not be disappointed lovelies! 

Joey X

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