I Do Handmade Will Have All Your Handmade Gifts At The Ideal Home Show Christmas 2024


It might be a bit early to start planning for Christmas, however, it’s a great time to book your tickets for The Ideal Home Show Christmas to help support small businesses. With perfect presents and amazing discoveries, you will be sure to find the gifts that keep on giving with I Do Handmade and their incredible stall, at the 2024 festive filled event…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

You all know by now that the blog is a place that celebrates Christmas all year round! It’s a place where festive films are watched no matter what month it is. Music is blasted loudly telling us that we can always Step Into Christmas. Presents are brought on Boxing Day ready for the next year. Christmas is truly the most magical time of the year each and every day here. 

This is why I have to share this very exciting news that I have received regarding The Ideal Home Show Christmas in London. Held in November, the event will feature a fantastic Small Biz Village hosted by the brilliant I Do Handmade team, who have also just appeared at the recent spring event too. 

Specialising in helping small business showcase their handmade pieces, the I Do Handmade team have made the village to gives owners the chance to sell their items in an exhibition environment, in hopes to capture the right attention from a wide range of customers and companies. 

Having been hosting pop-ups around the UK since 2022, the team have a lot of knowledge and would now love for you to come and enjoy it. Plus, the mother and daughter pair are absolutely lovely too, so I’m sure Becky and Wendy will make you feel super special. 

If you can make it to the festive event, book your tickets now lovelies or head to the I Do Handmade website to find out where their next local event is. I’m definitely going to be taking a look to find the best little handmade special gifts I can. I hope you will join me lovelies! 

Joey X

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