Christmas 2024: How I Prepared For It In March


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas may be nine months away, however, I have been getting stuck into preparing for it already! Last month, I introduced myself to diamond art. Now, I can’t stop making things. Something that has stemmed into a bit of a Christmas theme creating session! 

I’ve made a diamond art wreath and a set of eight coasters so far, which I hope to apply setting spray, to help the sequins stick more securely. We will be getting them out when it is Christmas time to ensure that everyone gets a chance to use them for now though, I have put them away to get stuck into the next bunch. 

I’ve already ordered another wreath to design and am going to be doing some big searches and shopping sessions first pictures to create using diamond art. I may even get some Christmas cards that you can apply diamonds too and gift to my nearest and dearest. 

By spending a few hours and only £10 at most, I’ve got new decorations and a better mental health activity. I simply can’t get enough! Even if my floor has with the amount of gems on it! Even after hoovering as much as my mum can, we are still finding them everywhere. It seems our home was just made to sparkle like a Christmas tree aha! 

Amazon is a great place to find affordable creations from £2 lovelies, so if you fancy giving them a go have a look there. My delivery man must think I am crazy if he knows what is in them, however, I’m loving knowing that my home will have a more personal touch this festive season! 

Joey X

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