What’s Your Favourite Memory In Your Home? Here’s Mine…


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Recently, I was watching a YouTube video, which featured a family discussing the best memory they have of their time in the house they were selling. Apart from the time spent in hospital, I’ve never not lived in my family home, so I’ve never thought about my favourite memories. There are honestly so many! 

However, this video got me really thinking about it. From birthdays to little moments of pure joy, there have been many a times that I pray my Inside Out core memories never let me forget them. Yet, I think I’ve found the one for me. Of course, it features Christmas. 

Christmas is my favourite time of year and I think it comes from how magical my parents made it. Every year, they would go above and beyond, getting bigger and bigger with plans and decorations. Something that still lives on, even when my mum now says no more. Case in point, her buying a giant inflatable gingerbread man after saying she was cutting down. 

Though the best one for me was when I was small. I can remember on Christmas Eve, I went upstairs and snuggled up in my bunk bed watching all the Christmas specials. The sound of presents being wrapped coming from my mum’s room. The lights trickling all over the house. A giant turkey defrosting in the kitchen, whilst fresh mince pies cooled on the other side. 

Getting into cosy Christmas PJs later that night, my dad helped me put out a carrot, a glass of whiskey and a mince pie for Santa before helping me into bed. I can remember trying to stay up for as long as I could. Hoping to hear the sounds of Santa’s sleigh. Yet, sleep won. 

Waking up the next day, I can remember the strong smell of the turkey roasting away. Rushing down the stairs with my brother, the presents were stacked high, in our sacks and the floor. Santa had been! Before we could unwrap them, we were made to get dressed up. I still remember the utter joy I felt when my mum got out some white, Holly and berry Barbie themed tights for me to wear under a red festive dress. You can bet I got upset when I caught them later on that day whilst out with my brother Gio.

Every single Christmas morning, me and Gio would get up early to watch the new Wallace and Gromit special. The year I’m remembering was the year The Wrong Trousers came out. We laughed a lot! After it had ended it was present time. Barbies were my thing and I can remember getting the dream house, a kitchen set and a few dolls. Life made!  

Hours were spent playing before we were made to go to the table to eat dinner. The table was always full to the brim, with my mum cooking up a meal for seven, sometimes eight of us. Sprouts, carrots, potatoes, pigs in blankets, stuffing, you name it, we had it! Dessert followed with mountains of profiteroles, the classic Vienetta, trifles and gateau’s galore. All of this was followed by a buffet later on that day. 

I remember this Christmas Day for lots of reasons. Every one of my brothers got on. My parents were so in love. My dad even wearing his cracker hat to please my mum. The endless hours spent playing with toys and games consoles. The pure joy of Christmas. 

Christmas in our house is always a dream! Year after year, we make new memories. But this one from when I was around five or six is a truly magical one! And now just because of the Barbie tights! Although, does anyone know where I can get a new pair? 

Joey X

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