In A Matchbox Has The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Gifts This Year


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this year I have decided to celebrate it! Whilst I don’t have a partner, I do have lots of people on my life who I love a lot. People who deserve all the loveliest things all year round. Not just on one day! But this February, I am going to give them an extra special day. With some lovely miniature gifts! 

Stealing my heart upon first glance, I am in amour with a new brand I’ve discovered called, In A Matchbox, created by the Marvling Bros LTD. Specialising in tiny gifts that have a big heart. The team have made sweet presents in matchboxes. These fabulous creations can feature felt animals to mini baking kits. All of which hitting all the right spots. A Cupid’s arrow to the heart kind of love in fact. 

Kindly, the team sent me some of their range to try and now there is no going back. I’ve fallen in love with each and every design. The following five were the ones I was lucky to try, which I want to share with you because they are truly amazing…

I'm Donuts About You Mini Donut Kit, £11.95: If you are like me then you will be fascinated by the idea of mini baking. I love watching Tiny Kitchen on YouTube and dream of having a beautiful dollhouse to do up. These mini donuts are so sweet and fun to make with whoever you are with. Featuring a super cute box with a little doughnut themed message inside, your doughnut partner in crime will have lots of fun making these. 

'Love You S'more' Mini Marshmallow Toasting Kit, £11.95: Who doesn’t love a cosy night in toasting marshmallows together? Now, you can do so even easier and without the fuss or mess. This box comes with three tiny candles, a bag of mini marshmallows and a candle holder to help you have some miniature fun in a big way with your loved ones. 

Cheesy Message Wool Felt Mice In A Matchbox, £9.95: In a cheesy themed box, these sweet mice pair up to spread some love. This box to me is the cutest thing to give to your closet friends or the mini loves in your life. I’ve shared one of the mice with my mum, each having one sat next to our beds, to help remind us of our perfect friendship.

A Dozen Red Roses Miniature Bouquet Special Delivery, £9.95: Roses are a classic staple on Valentine’s Day. The shops are lined with rows upon rows of bouquets. But why spend a fortune on a gift that will end up in the bin, when you can delivery this miniature dozen for less money and an eternal life span. If some gave me this on the big day, I would certainly love it more than the real thing. 

Pricking Perfect Hoop Cross Stitch Kit, £11.95: Cross stitching is something I would love to learn. With everything you need to do so, the little box helps create a beautiful design without the fuss. Plus, it could end up as two gifts in one! The first person can gift it as a kit, whilst the recipient could return it as a present when complete. Love is all around! 

Little unexpected finds like this mean more to me than anything else when it comes to presents! I’m the kind of person who seeks out the unexpected. I don’t like the normal items, I’m all about the different ones! These matchboxes are perfect! They have one for every figure in your life and every occasion. 

I know that I will be sending some out to people I love in the future. Especially to my nephew, who lives in Blackpool, as I know he will love them too. Head to their website now to see the full collection lovely. You will be sure to be spreading the love with them soon! 

Joey X

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