What I Got For Christmas 2023!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas 2023 was truly special to me! I feel like since my dad passed away, I’ve not known how to spend the big day without him. However, after making plans, it was just what me and my mum needed. We took the day slowly and she held my hand every step of the way when my anorexia, anxiety disorder and autism tried to take over. 

In the morning, we lounged in bed, before getting up for breakfast and presents. I don’t normally do really detailed gift talk on here, however, I thought it would be something a little different. I’m hope you all enjoy finding out what I got, as much as I love hearing what you got as well. I find it so interesting, although that could be me being noisy aha! 

Anyway, please find below just a few of the presents I got for Christmas 2023…

Dancing Bluey: Every year, me and my mum make it our mission to get one kid based toy for each other. And as big kids we love them! You will all probably know how much I love Bluey by now, so opening the giant dancing one was a big surprise. I’m sure we will all be joining in with her moves on NYE. 

Books: I love a good book at Christmas and this year my mum knocked it out of the park! Recently, I binged the whole of Platform 7 on ITVX and wanted to read the book it was based on. However, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Leave it to my mum to do so! She also got me a jokey set of Bluey books, including the traditional annual, a beautiful hardback copy of Nursery Rhymes for Adults For Everyday of the Year and the book I am so excited to read, which is Welcome to the Hyunam-dong Bookshop. Goodbye real world, hello fictional wonders.

Bluey and Friends Calendars: I am someone who loves a calendar! In my house, I have one next to my bed and another in my office/dining room. The dining room will be now adorned with a family Bluey calendar, whilst my bedside table will feature a mini Friends one from Typo.

LEGO Wildflowers Bouquet Set: LEGO is my greatest love of all and the Icons flower sets are placed all over my house. Adding to the original bouquet, my mum got me the wildflowers set to make. I think this one may just out do the original due to the beautiful colours they are. I’m going wild for them and will share a picture as soon as I have made them. 

LEGO Nutcracker Set: Nutcrackers are one of the greatest Christmas decorations of all time to me. LEGO form or not. However, there is something super special about seeing the detail in this set. After opening it up, I instantly left the room and made it. Now, he is front and centre of our window display. 

LEGO Gingerbread Men Set: I spotted these a while ago on the LEGO website and instantly showed my mum. Then when we went to Manchester, she sneakily brought them to go in my Christmas Eve box. I’ve already made them lovelies and was really impressed by the size of them. Plus, they are super sweet! 

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Perfume: DKNY perfumes are a bit of an emotional thing for me. When I was a teenager, my dad took me to his hometown of Sicily, where when we went shopping he brought the green edition for me. It is now a perfume I will not be without. It reminds me so much of him and our special trip. One of my amazing neighbour’s Casey, who didn’t know about this story, brought me a bottle this Christmas and I cried about it. I always say only the special people in my life get me the DKNY ones. Casey is definitely a special figure in my home and life.

Hugo Boss Orange Perfume: This perfume is my everyday one. I like to spritz quite a bit around, which means a restock is always needed. I was the one who helped my mum find this, due to our local pharmacy selling them off for £10 a bottle. A real bargain when they are still over £40 in most places. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Paradise Perfume: Another perfume my mum got me was an equal favourite brand of mine. There is not a Marc Jacobs scent I don’t like. The Daisy Paradise perfume is very hard to find, however, she did it. My collection has now grown again. 

ShopDisney Mickey PJs: I am now ashamed to say that I live in PJs. Once I know I am in my house and not going out again, I will put mine on. After buying me these in the sales last year, I had forgot all about them. Then they came a little too late on Christmas morning. Yet, it didn’t mean that I wouldn’t be wearing them throughout the rest of the week. In fact, I will probably wear them throughout the rest of the year aha! 

Bluey Christmas PJs: The reason the PJs above came so late was due to this big festive surprise. After spotting similar ones on the Asda website, I really wanted the Bluey Christmas PJs for my whole family. However, I couldn’t get them in all of our sizes. My mum decided she didn’t want me to miss out though, getting me these for my Christmas Eve stocking instead. I haven’t stopped wearing them since. 

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Wonder Water 8 Second Hair Treatment: This stuff saves my hair completely! Putting it on in the shower, you only need a little bit to make a difference. I had just started to run out, meaning getting this in my Boxing Day stocking was very much needed. 

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream: On top of the serum, I also use this cream. After showering and using the treatment above, I put this on the lengths and ends of my hair to give it an extra boost. My hair is now the best it has been in a long time, with many people telling me so. This is why I adore this present. I don’t think I will ever stop using it now. 

M&S Mini Light Up Gingerbread House: Every year, my mum works with me to try and find little Christmas food items I can enjoy. On the morning of Christmas Day, with give each other Christmas food stockings. Mine had many of the staples I find myself comfortable eating. However, my stocking had this sweet house in it, filled with mini gingerbread men. I haven’t been brave enough to try one yet, but I hope I will do soon. 

Fluffy Socks and Slippers: Slipper socks are my footwear of choice. Due to not having much muscle on my feet, walking without them is very uncomfortable. Getting loads of new pairs is always a win. 

Funky Pop Barbie Movie Ken: I asked for Ryan Gosling for Christmas! Sadly, I didn’t get him. Yet, I got the next best thing. A super cool Funko Pop version of the star in the Barbie movie. Now, I will never be able to stop singing, I’m Just Ken, as it always pops into my head when I look at him. 

Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Jet Set: Finally, I unwrapped this gorgeous mini set from Sol De Janeiro. I’ve recently discovered all of their fragrance mists, which I love a lot. Surprising me with this gift set, I know have a travel size bottle of the best spray of the bunch, as well as a tub of the Bum Bum cream and some of their shower gel. I’m obsessed with this gift to much if truth be told aha! 

Silly Bits and Bobs: My mum has always done me a silly stocking on Boxing Day, full of essentials and silly pieces. This year was no exception. From socks to razors, she knew just what I needed to make my Christmas complete. 

Before the big day, my mum was worried that I hadn’t got a main present. The gifts I got were all that I needed though. I’m not very good at picking out presents for myself, struggling mentally to let others buy me things, as I fear they will get taken away from me. Yet, everything I got was me to a big Tamburello t. I felt so incredibly spoilt,even though just spending the day how we did would have been enough. In fact, I would honestly go to say that in the last few years, this has been my best Christmas yet. 

I hope you all had a magical festive season lovelies, which you can use to continue to spread joy and cheer throughout your 2024! 

Joey X

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