The Twelve Moments That Made 2023 For Me!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Two posts on the first day of the new year? Who am I? I’m sure this is not going to last aha, but I wanted to come on here and share with you a look back at my favourite moments from last year. 

2023 was an odd one to say the least, with many obstacles along the way. However, it also brought a lot of joy and happiness into my life. Looking back, these were 12 of the most amazing things that happened to me…

January: A new year meant a new start and lots of plans were made! I experienced The Toy Fair live for the first time and instantly knew that 2023 was going to be the year I got creative again.

February: My brother and nephew came to stay, which was perfect! We celebrated Galentine’s Day in our house and started making room renovations. 

March: I received a surprise Disney filled gift that kept me going during a tough time from someone very special.

April: Seeing Parenting Hell live was fantastic and definitely rekindled my hopes to start a podcast in the new year.

May: I returned to therapy and have been making slow but good progress since! Having people who understand and listen each week has been a huge lifeline to me in 2023. I also got to hear the incredible news that my best friend had got married!

June: Celebrating my mum’s birthday by planning special days out with her! We also started on the garden and completely transformed it with the help of our amazing neighbours! I’ve never seen people work so hard and help my mum so much as they did.

July: Although I couldn’t go up the Blackpool Tower, I got the opportunity to gift my family an afternoon tea in their famous ballroom on my birthday! Seeing my mum so happy was the only present I needed. 

August: I started my display at Hertford Library, which has attracted so many readers of different ages. Often getting messages to come in or send a list to top it up. New plans are coming in 2024 because of it that I can’t wait to share.

September: The need to write and blog more came back, allowing me the opportunity to experience some amazing events. It also allowed me to share these events with others close to me too. The highlight of the month was The Big Christmas Press Show!

October: After years of not doing anything to it, as I didn’t feel like I was worthy to have a nice room, my mum and me decorated my bedroom. Now I have a hint of autumn and Christmas all year round.

November: We went to see my brother, nephew and friends who are family in Blackpool again. Spending time with them during this trip made us so much more closer and being able to experience early Christmas moments filled my heart with joy. Plus, I achieved my biggest goal of the year and had a meal out with them all.

December: The best month of the year! Christmas was amazing! We spent the whole day in bed, watching festive films and TV shows, cosy in our PJs. Gio and Leo came to stay with us and I loved it. The biggest highlight though was being able to help so many others in honour of my dad. Plus, running the Hertford Heath Advent Calendar with such amazing people taking part! Ending it all with an epic party at ABBA Voyage was truly epic!

It feels like 2023 went by in the blink of an eye. However, I feel like that is because 2024 is going to be the ultimate year for us all. I honestly hope it brings all of you so much happiness, good health and lots of love! 


Joey X

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