Places I Want To Go & Things I Want To Do In 2024


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Resolutions often mean giving something up! We start the year trying to remove an element of our lives. In 2024 though, I wanted to do more and add more things to my life. Especially experiences! Living in the UK means there is so much at my doorstep but I haven’t seen it all. A fact that makes me so sad! 

I want to change that though by seeing things I’ve always wanted to see and going on little trips to places I haven’t been before. Even if they are only for a day! Therefore, the list below outlines just a few things I want to see or do in 2024…

Visit Another Country: I don’t care if it is only for the day or a whole week, I need to see another country. Ireland, Italy, France, Greece and Germany are all calling out to me at the moment. Watch this space and I will be sure to let you know which one I pick to go to.

Go to the Tower of London or Take a Trip on the London Eye: I’ve never experienced either of these before. The London Eye has always scared me, due to a fear of heights, yet I’ve now kind of got an urge to do it. As for the Tower of London, my favourite thing in school was learning about the gruesome acts that happened there. It’s a definite must for my 2024.

Get to the Top of the Blackpool Tower: Every year on my birthday, I have tried to go to the top of Blackpool Tower. But due to the hot weather one year and the windy day the next, it’s not been possible. I’m determined, no matter what day, month, week or second of 2024 I have to do it in, I will get to the top of the tower! 

Plan a Christmas or New Year Party: You know me well enough by now to know how I am when it comes to Christmas. I start planning the next one as soon as the last one ends. I’ve made it a personal mission this year to try and plan a village party for Christmas or New Year, to help us all to come together a little bit more.

Spend A Whole Day In Bed: Odd yes! But for someone like me with my head and anxieties, I can never rest. I can never be still. Even when I really want to just lounge about, my head, especially the ED the dickhead part, is going wild with skull crushing dilemmas. After hoping to achieve so much, one goal I have is to just spend the day in bed. One whole day in bed. In the cosiest PJs, with the best films and shows to binge on. Bliss!

What do you hope to see or do in 2024 lovelies? Let me know all of your hopes and goals! 


Joey X

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