Early Festive Preparations: What I Did In January To Prepare For Christmas 2024


Good Morning Lovelies, 

I’m definitely not one for new year resolutions, however, I do like to make goals. Ones I think I will be able to commit to all year or at a singular time. My big goal this year was to actually do something Christmas focused at least once a month. Whether it be wrapping or buying presents, getting recipes ready or simply arranging a meet up or local event, I am hoping to achieve one thing to help stop December feeling so manic. 

January is a bit of tough month to get back into Christmas mode. For many of us, it is when the post Christmas blues hit. A time when the cold weather isn’t so fun anymore and if snow is predicted there is hell to pay. 

Yet, I managed to achieve a helpful hack that has made this mission doable right away. With a smaller crew to buy for now, I have used January to get presents, wrapping paper, cards and labels all sorted for 2024 at a fraction of the cost. 

The savings are the best time to go wild in the aisles for less. With a strong eye for bargains, I can sniff them out for miles, something I say is a special skill. That is now why I have a case dedicated to papers, ribbons, labels and cards that will last me and my family for years now. And I didn’t pay over a £1 for any item. 

If you are like me and wanting to get more organised or even just want to keep the festive magic alive, I have gathered my top tips to help you get going. Here is what I’ve learnt from this January’s Christmas celebration…

Reuse and recycle wrapping paper, ribbon, bows and more if you can. 

Invest in a storage bag that can be filled up and put away somewhere where not much room will be taken up. 

Head to the more expensive shops to buy your cards after Christmas. Clintons sell the selection they have for around 99p after the big day, creating savings of over £4 or more. 

Make a list of how many you will be buying for this year and only purchase the right amounts for each. 

Set a monthly budget to use each month on festive bits. If you don’t use all your budget, use a piggy bank and save it for yourself to use at the end of the year or roll it over to 2025. 

Christmas will probably be here before we know it lovelies, due to time simply flying by. But don’t let it worry you too much! We are going to have it all covered in 2024! I can feel it in my festive filled bones! 

Joey X

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