Warm Up This Winter at The Gibbon Bridge Hotel & Restaurant (My Review Part One!)


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Just before Christmas, I was invited to the Gibbon Bridge Hotel & Restaurant to sample some of their dishes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it but the team extended the invitation to January, offering me the incredible opportunity to come and stay at the hotel. With such a fantastic invitation being given to me, we were quick to agree and come along! 

With wedding season on the horizon, the secluded venue was created in 1982 by a lovely-sounding lady called Janet and her mother Maggie. Converting their working family farm and part of a barn into a beautiful establishment, the pair have built a hotel that resembles the stuff of dreams. Especially when it comes to weddings!

Working hard, the team make it their mission every day to ensure that the hotel is run correctly. One that thrives off helping local charities, by hosting grand parties and galas to raise money for them.

After checking in at 3pm, we were taken up to our room, which had two floors within it. As soon as you walked in a gorgeous double bed that overlooked the wonderful hills outside the hotel came into view. Followed by a porcelain-based bathroom, with toiletries and towels included. The second floor in the room provided a comfortable living area with a huge TV, comfy sofa and a desk that doubled up as a dressing table for the weekend. Truly everything had been catered for. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for any more in the room. 

Having put our items away and a snoop around we met up with Pauline, who took us on a tour of the hotel. From the incredible check-in area, which had a cosy fire burning alongside giant armchairs that made you want to grab some marshmallows and make a bunch of s’mores. Or grab a whisky and sip the cold away in, you knew that the hotel was special. Every single staff member demonstrated this, as the talented team knew everything about the hotel that you could have asked for. 

Continuing with the tour, Pauline took us to the bridal suite, once known for being the hotel's spa. Catering for the whole bridal party, the suite has four bedrooms inside it, making it a self-contained unit. Perfect for when the bride and her bridesmaids want to get ready. The hotel has several options available for wedding parties, allowing up to 190 guests to stay at the venue in one of 33 suites, before enjoying either an indoor or outdoor bandstand wedding. After seeing the outdoor area and the wonderful greenery, I would have to say that it would be an outdoor bandstand option for me.

However, it isn’t just weddings we discovered they cater for. Heading into the cavalier lounge, we witnessed the most perfect place to host a large party. Plus, with the addition of an on-site bakery and ice cream parlour, the nine acres of land, which includes woodlands, ponds and vegetable gardens, meant that every single person could enjoy the hotel in a special way. 

By this point, I didn’t know how the hotel could get any better! Honestly, I was in awe. I had never been offered a hotel stay before. As a first experience, the Gibbon Bridge team and grounds were setting the bar high for anywhere else I go in the future. The only complaint I had was the fact that the animals who once lived on the farm, including four pigs, two dogs and two cats, were no longer there. Yet, it is probably for the best, as I’m sure they would not have stopped getting endless cuddles. 

The final stop on our tour was the bar area to meet a very special staff member. Having started working at the hotel in 1982, Philip, the local barman, is the longest-serving employee. He is also one of the most incredible people I have ever met. With endless amounts of knowledge, stories and facts, Philip revealed that he wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. Staying loyal to Janet, he has helped the establishment throughout it all, stating with passion how tradition is at the beating heart of it all. Something that you can easily tell because it is so beautiful to witness. 

After heading back to our room to take in all that we had learnt, you couldn’t help but feel relaxed. Once we had got washed and changed, we took our amazed selves down to the dining room for dinner. We really weren’t sure what to expect but knew that if it was anything like what we had seen already, it was going to be amazing. 

Due to the length of this post already lovelies, I’m going to be sharing the rest of my review with you all tomorrow! However, if you are already interested in booking a stay at the hotel or even just popping in for a meal or visit, they have a great Winter Warmer deal throughout January and February! For just £149, you and that special someone in your life can enjoy a double or twin room with breakfast included and complimentary tea or coffee, served with handcrafted golden flapjack, upon arrival.

From what we have seen so far, it isn’t just something to warm your winter! The Gibbon Bridge Hotel & Restaurant could warm up the whole of your 2024! Come back tomorrow to find out what happened when we went to dinner and checked out! 

Joey X

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