My Favourite Products To Help Fight A Cold


Good Morning Lovelies, 

January and February are often the months that most of us pick up a cold of some sort! I’m often the first in our family to get it, with most of my Christmas’ being spent nursing one out of my system. As I write this, it is only nine days until the big day in fact and I’ve treated an ear infection, which led to a congested runny nose. Oh the joys of winter! 

Thankfully, I have tried many products and have now found the ones that have really helped me when battling a bug. From lip creams to soothing solutions, the following make me feel a bit more alive when my body screams zombie…

Aldi Pawpaw Ointment, £1.49: Do you ever find that your skin around your nose gets dry due to all the tissues you are using? Snap! This dupe of the famous brand is just as good, helping to return my skin back to normal. I apply it morning and night to help soften my skin again when it takes a battering from tissues and sick bug.

Asda’s Little Angels Vapour Bath, £1: The description on the product says to use this as a kind of bubble bath for your children when they are sick. I like to take it and place it into the corners of my shower. The steam hits it and the vapours come out, helping my blocked sinuses. I also use it as a kind of vapour rub shower gel, applying it to my chest, when I feel wheezing coming on. It clears it up right away. 

Tesco’s Chewable Vitamin C, £1: I take two of these mostly every day to help build up my weakened immune system. Since starting them back in 2020, I have seen a very positive outcome. Apart from the odd head cold, I haven’t gotten seriously ill since being on them, which is a very good thing. Plus, with the added easy chewable element, they go down really easily. 

Fisherman’s Friends Cherry Lozenges, 79p: Probably the most controversial one on the list. However, hear me out! My dad used these religiously to fight a sore throat and I’ve definitely come to agree with him. Whilst I’m not a big fan of the original taste, I don’t mind the cherry ones and will take one if needed when suffering from a cold or sore throat. They definitely do help hen it comes to breathing better.

EarCalm Spray, £8.79: Since I had my bad fall, I’ve had very bad problems with one of my ears. Often it will get blocked up or make my hearing weaker. Yet, when this happens, I simply use this spray and it heals it completely. My hearing comes back almost automatically. Any infections are gone and the wax buildup is broken down swiftly. 

Otrivine Blocked Nose Relief Nasal Spray, £4.59: I use this a lot in the summer, when my hay fever gets bad, however, I have used it during colds and other nostril related problems. Getting to work super quick, I feel better in a matter of moments. I’ve even used it to treat migraines, which truly works in my opinion. 

I’ve got a few other products I use which help lovelies. Yet, these are the ones that really make me feel better! Of course, everyone has different bodies, so these may not work for all of us lovelies, but if you discover that one of them does help I a, so glad. Just be prepared for those Fisherman’s Friends if you haven’t had them before aha! 

What are some of your best cold busting products? 

Joey X

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