Phone Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day With giffgaff


Good Morning Lovelies, 

A phone call could make the world of difference to a loved one this Valentine’s Day! For me personally, I would much rather receive a call from someone special than a box of chocolate or roses. It would probably be a more affordable option too! Especially with the likes of giffgaff being on hand to help! 

Named the Uswitch Mobile Network Provider of the Year, the company are helping to save their customers money by refusing to add any price rises to their 18-month contracts, providing constant flexibility across all of their plans. Whether they be pay-as-you-go, monthly or new flexible ones, which cost as little as £6 a month. 

With brilliant advice in offer on how to save the most money, whilst finding the right plan for you, the team are making sure that they are doing everything they can to help users reduce costs in simple ways. Even when you are abroad, as they include a 5GB EU roaming allowance on all their plans. 

They value their relationships with customers so much that they don’t check credit scores before allowing SIM-only contracts and work hard to ensure that all refurbished phones are fully tested, cleaned and restored to the best of their abilities. Having items like this in your life can make those phone calls and chats a whole lot easier. 

So, why not use it this upcoming month of love and ring all those closest to you! Even if it is just a voice note showing how much you care, those little messages can make a person's day. They make mine, as I often find myself saving the ones that mean the most. Love is as simple as a phone call away. And giffgaff are making it super easy to make one for less!

It’s time to ring away and share the love! Who will you be calling first?

Joey X

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