I Have Over Twelve Ear Piercings! Find Out My Favourites…


Good Morning Lovelies,   

Piercings are my little vice in life! Overall, I’ve got 12 and I love each and every one of them. Many have special meaning to me, others are ones are just loved the look of. I honestly wouldn’t change them for the world and as I try to grow my body confidence these have helped a lot.   

I have a fantastic place and piercer I go to in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. Electric Punch Tattoo and Piercings is honestly the best in the business. I’ve been to F. Hinds and Claire’s Accessories too, however, nothing beats Gemma and the team here, who are so kind and friendly. They know exactly what they are doing and give the best advice.   

Their work has kept me going back for years now. I’m currently in the middle of planning a new piercing in fact. Something that got me thinking about a blog post. I’ve never spoken about what I’ve had done before, so I thought it would be a nice idea to explore my piercings with you all. At the moment, this is the selection box my ears are working with…  

Helix: I got gifted a bit of money to have a piercing done, so I went with a helix one. This is the one that had given me a bit of pain and trouble, yet I think that is subconsciously kore because of who gifted me it aha! After nearly two years, it is still healing, but with regular treatments it is a lot better and pretty again.   

Mid Helix: This is a very special piercing for me! After years of talking about getting one each, me and my mum have matching helix piercings. We had them done at Claire’s one afternoon. Now when we stand side by side or put are arms around each other, the two piercings bump together. A ear piercing friendship bracelet if you will. Helix piercings do tend to take longer to heal, but the middle helix piercing took no time at all.  

Rook: Based on the middle part of your ear, this is one of those piercings that look scarier than they are. Mine has a hoop in it right now and other than keeping it clean, I often forget I have it. I got this as they say it helps anxiety and headaches. Whilst I’m not so sure on the anxiety part, it definitely helped with my migraines.  Flat: I was a piercing newbie when I had this one done. My piercer, Gemma, told me about it and I decided I loved the look and sound of it. Now, I completely forget I have it unless changing the earring. It never bothers me, healing super quick. I love the different earrings I can put in this one.

Tragus: Is it odd to have a piercing you love the most? My brother Gio brought me this for my birthday and it’s my favourite one of the bunch. I had heard horror stories about getting it done, with people stating how painful it was. Luckily, this wasn’t the case for me. Two days later, I was able to put my headphones back in and have had no pain from it ever. It’s a very clean, neat and fantastic piercing to have. 

Conch: I loved the look of this and was so happy with the piercing. However, it takes a long time to heal. At around the 12 week mark, I was told I could change it to a hoop. Yet, I think I did it a little bit too early. It’s still healing now over a year later. I really do love it though.

Three Lobes (Both Ears): I had my first lobes done when I was just five. I begged my mum to take me to Claire’s Accessories, which she did for my birthday. Since then I’ve added two more lower lobes piercings. For me, lobes take no time at all to heal and are entirely painless. I’m even thinking of getting my fourth lobes holes or a lower helix on both sides. 

I’m not sure which piercing I will go with next! I’ve got an image up as I write this post to remind me of the names. Yet, I’m finding that I’m getting more drawn in to all the different holes to pick from. I do really love the look of an industrial piercing, but I don’t know I can have it due to my others. I have also always loved a forward helix! I guess you will have to just wait to find out aha!   

Joey X

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