Making Meadows Will Have You Falling In Love This February!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Cute is my love language! I adore anything that isn’t the norm. If it is cute, small and out of the norm then I am all over it. Especially when it comes to small businesses and help in them to promote their items. 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the brand, Making Meadowshave taken everything we know and love about the beautiful British countryside and made it into the sweetest collection. From woodland animals to love heart prints, you will instantly fall head over heels for it all. 

Having been kindly gifted a few pieces to help demonstrate the quality of their ranges, I can truly testify that they are brilliant. The positive vibes that bounce off the items is endless. The craftsmanship gorgeous. The ideas never ending. I got a taste of not only the Valentines items, but a few pastel summer wonders too. It made my heart soar even on these cold winter days. 

There so, I had to delve into their Valentine’s Day collection and select a few pieces that I think you and your loved ones will also enjoy. These included…

Rabbit Valentine Wrapping Paper, from £2.50: Bunnies have to be the cutest animals in the world, so this wrapping paper is definitely too pretty to rip. However, it will make any gift gorgeous.

Fancy The Pants Off You Valentine Card, £2.95: We all love a cheesy but funny card, no matter what occasion. This one hits all the right spots and feels. They will be laughing their pants off at it.

Love Tokens For Valentine & Anniversary, £14: Don’t know what to get the special someone in your life? Use these tokens to make them a range of different gifts that can cost you nothing. From doing the washing to buying a takeaway for two, the choice is all yours.

Mole 'I Dig You' Valentine Card, £2.95: How sweet is this little mole?! Perfect for anyone you wish to gift a card too, it is the card that gives on giving. I can’t believe how cute his little face is! Hold on, is this what love feels like?!?

A4 Pink Writing Paper With Bird & Butterfly, from £6: Forget about the birds and the bees. It’s all about the birds and the butterfly’s this Valentine’s Day thanks to this beautiful pink paper. I’m obsessed! 

Making Meadows has a whole host of items for every occasion to suit every want and desire. You honestly won’t be able to handle how cute they all are, however, if you can then you must head to their website! Be warned though! You may just fall in love! 

Joey X

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