Celebrate World Nutella Day With This Simple Mug Cake Recipe


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Today, the 5th February, marks World Nutella Day! The day dedicated to all things good about the best chocolate spread around! When I was younger, it was always a tradition to spend Friday and Saturday nights in the kitchen with my brother making slices of toast covered in hot melty spread. 

I would have it on crumpets, rice pudding, crepes and more! Since my illness took over, I’ve not been able to enjoy it again, however,it hasn’t stopped me from appreciating the beauty of this brand and the taste of it. Still a firm favourite in our home, especially with my brother, we now use it within our bakes to make them even richer. 

To mark the big event, I thought it was only right to share one of those recipes with you! A super simple two ingredient Nutella mug cake recipe in fact! Get ready to have a gorgeous treat in no time at all…


One Large Egg

Four Tablespoons of Nutella


Your Favourite Mug

A Whisk or Fork

A Microwave

A Spoon


Start by selecting your favourite mug. Make sure that it is safe to go in the microwave. 

Add the four tablespoons of Nutella to your mug before adding in the large egg. 

Using the fork or the whisk, mix the pair together until they are well combined. 

Place into the microwave and cook on a high setting for one minute 30 seconds or until the cake has risen and is set in the middle. 

Grab your spoon and tuck in! You could even drizzle some melted Nutella on top for extra chocolatey goodness! 

So quick and easy to do! This is one you can make with every meal today to celebrate World Nutella Day lovelies! How do you like to enjoy yours? 

Joey X

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