Make Extra Money In 2024 Selling On These Websites!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Selling stuff online can be super easy or a tad hard! Knowing where to sell, who to trust and how much to charge are just some of the problems that can occur. However, I thought I would come on here and help a little bit, by sharing my favourite websites and apps to sell on. 

Over the course of 2023, me and my mum raised around £500 selling stuff online. We keep it in a safe place in our home and use it to pay for holidays or big joint purchases. 

The websites below are the ones we used to make it…

Vinted: I found myself using Vinted a lot to sell my old clothes in 2023. Free to use and sell on, the money is collected on the app, but you can remove it and place it into your account via PayPal. All you need to do is download the app, add the description and pictures for your item and wait for someone to buy them. You don’t even have to pay for the shipping of the item, as the customer does so. 

Facebook Marketplace: Whether it be tech items or random finds around the house, both me and my mum, use Facebook Marketplace to make a sale. Free again, this is brilliant at getting people in your local area knowing about what you are selling. 

YourParkingSpace: Have a spare spot on your drive? Add it to this website and set a price for others to park on it. You can make a lot of money if you are in a popular area. 

Shpock: I don’t use this as much as I once did, having fallen for Vinted a lot, this is a great app to make a sale on. Much like the Vinted app, you write a description and add images, however, you have to pay to send items this way. 

Gumtree: Anything and everything can be sold on this website. From cars to clothes, we have made sales of all kinds on this website. You can even look for jobs on it lovely! 

There are many other websites that you can use lovelies, however, these have always been a great help to us to make a few extra pounds! I hope that they can help you all too! 

Joey X

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