On Wednesdays We Do Self Care!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Wednesdays are often known as Wobbly Wednesdays to me! It’s normally the day I struggle with the most during the week, along with Sundays. However, recently I’ve started to take those days to reflect on the care I can give myself. 

Every Wednesday, I now take the time to do something to look after my body. From plucking my eyebrows to cleaning my room, my Wednesdays aren’t as hard when I do some of the following. Things I wanted to share with you all, in case you were looking for new Amy’s to care for yourself more. 

Therefore, here is what my Wednesday afternoon has become like, to help ease my anxiety and anorexic thoughts…

Pluck or Sort My Eyebrows: I love nothing more than a clean, well-shaped eyebrow on my face. Don’t get me wrong, my eyebrows are definitely thick, but I take a few times a week to stop and maintain them. A good brow is everything to me!

Give My Teeth A Good Clean: When I was growing up, they used to say to clean your teeth around three times a day. Now, it’s mentioned to do it twice! I still do it three times a day, which makes me feel so much better and refreshed. An odd one I know but I just love that minty clean feel.

Pamper My Feet: I am the first one to put my hands up and say I hate feet. If anyone asks me to help them with theirs I have to walk away. However, being on mine so much means they get sore. I try to look after them as much as I can, using a pedicure machine to remove dead skin. It makes everything feel like I am walking on air.

Moisturise My Body: Whether it be my face, legs or even my hair, everything gets a good massage to help ease tension and stress. I love to massage my hair in oils, as I find it so soothing. An instant mood booster!

Get Creative: I’ve taken to trying to leave screens alone in the afternoon to focus on a more mindful act. Recently, my love of LEGO has been helping me a lot. Thankfully, I got a lot for Christmas. However, I’ve also spent time doing puzzles, colouring and reading more to take my mind off things!

Do you struggle when it comes to the middle of the week? What are some of the ways you love to cope? Let me know! 

Joey X

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