My December 2023 Festive Food Finds


Good Morning Lovelies, 

December is often known for being the month of food. We go wild for it here in the UK. As someone who was once a big foodie, I know the precious tastes of mince pies, a full Christmas dinner and more. However, since my ED, I haven’t had the pleasure to enjoy them as much. Yet, this doesn’t mean that I haven’t been able to find some new foods to enjoy during the festive season and beyond. In fact, I found many new favourites! 

Over the past month, these five festive foods made my Christmas even more special. They are…

Asda Peppermint and Liquorice Tea: I’ve been adding tea back into my life in the form of my old favourites. I used to love the Pukka version of this tea flavour, however, I can’t justify paying over £4 for a box of them! It’s too much! These from Asda are just as good! I love to leave the teabag in for extra flavour, which has also helped to settle my stomach and IBS a bit. 

Christmas Dinner: Every year, I make a vow that I will have the Christmas dinner that me and my mum have planned. On the 25th December, I did just that and I am so grateful for all the help my mum gave me. I had stuffed butternut squash with mashed potatoes, all the veg, bread sauce, stuffing balls and gravy of course!

Cadbury’s Chocolate Coins: The classics were discontinued years ago, but they made a comeback and I was so glad about it! My mum got me some for my stocking for me to try and I am so proud of myself for not letting my ED tell me off about it. My head can get round a small bit of chocolate and so these will be a go down a retro treat. 

Morrisons Savers Crumpets: I find Sunday’s my hardest days of the week to eat. Yet, after looking in Morrisons, I was inspired by a childhood memory of mine to try and have crumpets again. When I was little, my mum would always give us a bath, wash out hair, put us in our cosiest PJs and then make us some crumpets with either butter, jam, Marmite or chocolate spread on top to have as a supper. I adored those days and so having the crumpets on a Sunday night with some apple on the side and marmalade on top was lovely. 

Aldi Fine Cut Marmalade: The previous food brings me onto the other new food in my life. Marmalade is something that I have wanted to have some of for ages. However, I was so scared to do so. I am fine with jams and honey, but this really terrifies me. Partly due to my ED, but also because I can’t stand bitter foods, which some marmalades can be. This is really pleasant though, with the perfect amount of sweetness to it. Great with cereals, on crumpets or bread and as a glaze, it is perfect lovelies. Plus, it is only 79p! A bargain!

What food did you discover or fall back in love with again in December? Let me know! 

Joey X

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