Five Ways To Spend A Rainy Day


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Firstly, I want to declare that if I am inside, all warm and cosy, I love a rainy day. There is nothing better than watching or listening to it beat down on the windows. However, it does also lead to my anxiety, autism and ED to get worse,especially if it changes the plans or routine I have set for the day. 

Recently, I had just that dilemma and it was horrible. However, it did make me think about the wonders of a rainy day. The endless amount of possibilities they can bring. January is going to be a very wet month, but a super joyful one, with my top five ways to spend a rainy day. These include: 

Bake A Cosy Recipe: Use up those cupboard essentials by making something for breakfast, lunch or dinner on a wet day. A soothing bowl of tomato soup with toast. A classic flapjack with custard. A rich and hearty stew, casserole or chilli. The winter weather provides endless ideas to enjoy.

Snuggle Up In A Homemade Den: Grab all the sheets, pillows and blankets in your home and become a child again, by making a huge dent in. Position it near to the TV or use a tablet or laptop and snuggle under it with a new or classic film. You won’t want to leave it once you have got in it.

Go For A WalkIn The Rain: Essentially it is just water and when we were little we all loved putting our wellies on and splashing in puddles. Why do we stop doing this as adults? Grab your wellies or chunky boots. Put on your biggest scarf, coat and hat. Get your gloves firmly in place and embrace the great, wet, outdoors. I find it really soothing to go for a walk in the rain with a good podcast or playlist in my ears. Puddle jumping is definitely essential.

Have A Sort Out: Often on a weekend, I will take some time to clean up a space in my home. Even if it is only one area, such as a kitchen cupboard, I feel so refreshed and ready to face the new week better. Find a corner of your home and spend the rainy day making it better. You won’t regret it! 

Read A Book: Whether it be in your den or not, there is nothing better than embracing a new world on a rainy day. Fall for that romantic couple, go on an out of this world adventure or fantasise over the latest thriller to hit our shelves. There is no need to leave your home until you have turned the last page. 

How do you lovelies like to spend a rainy day? Share your tips and ways in the comments below to provide further inspiration! 

Joey X

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