Let Your Emotions Out In 2024 With The Mood Bears!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

How are you feeling right now? Honestly! Every day, especially now Christmas is over, I find myself feeling all different kinds of moods throughout them. One minute I can be super happy and the next my worries set in. I know many of you are probably feeling the same way to. Yet,I have something that may help you! 

I’m very fortunate that I have a great network of people to help me. Although, for many this isn’t always the case. Luckily, an amazing set of bears could be about to save the day. Mood Bears first came into my life when I spotted them on Dragons Den. They continued to appear in the oddest of places. With each spot making my love for them grow more and more. 

Created with care and love, these eco-friendly bears, have been made to help express each owners emotions. Whether it be Silly, Happy, Love, Angry or Hope Bear (there are others available to lovelies!), each bear comes with a poem that will make your emotions valued. Plus, the soft fur is coloured to help showcase just what feelings are being felt in that moment. Or the feelings you wish to feel! 

Kindly, the team sent me a few to sample, after we met at The Big Christmas Press Show. Wrapped up in a box, I opened it to find my room instantly filled with a large Hope and Calm bear and a mini Silly bear. Each time I picked one up, I couldn’t help but squeeze and stroke their soft fur. To say they work their magic is an understatement. 

Every single moment of every day, I wish to find hope in all that I do. I hope to make my mum and brother proud. I hope to see the good in each day. I hope to wake up in a good mood. Yet, the cold days and pressure of life can make this hard. Even for younger ones, the pressures of school, college or university can make it hard. Work as well. Yet, placing Hope bear on my bed, made me happier instantly. Just thinking about what the bear symbolises was fulfilling in its purpose. This made me determined to spread a similar feeling but with the Calm bear. 

When people come to stay with us, I hope that they find joy in their time here. I want them to relax and enjoy the moments we share. When reading up on how Calm bear had blue fur to give off relaxing vibes, I knew that the bear had to go in our guest room. Placed amongst the pillows, he was sat waiting for those who came at Christmas and became a huge love of my nephew’s. 

Most days he could be found playing his games whilst holding and stroking the bear. A sight that brought pure joy to my heart. He found it so calming that my brother is now thinking of investing in one, as he said it was actually a great tool, which he wants you to bring into his home,due to my nephew’s struggles to deal with the death of our dad. Using the bear, he hopes that it can be used as a soother at night time or a talking tool for when my nephew needs to take a moment. Something I fully believe the bear will encourage. 

The final bear to enter our home was a mini Silly bear. Gorgeously maroon coloured, he was grabbed from the box by my mum, who loved everything about him. From the silly faces on his feet to the tiny look of him against the large versions, she loved everything about him. There so, as the silliest person in our house, it seemed fitting for her to have. 

Seated on her sofa, we have one each, I’ve seen her stroking him to or using him to bring a smile to others faces. He is very cute I have to say. Whilst I love the large versions of the bears, I do think the mini ones have a very personal feel to them. Like they could be easily taken to school or on trips away. They are more portable, which is great if you need a bear to help you when on your journeys. 

Having spent a long time in hospital, I think the mini ones would be perfect on wards, for both patients and the teams. They won’t take up to much room on a patients bed, but, they would help staff know how they are feeling. Plus, the soft fur could be stroked in therapy session. As well, they would be good in therapy to highlight how someone may feel that day in their session. 

For me, Mood Bears have endless uses. All of which perfect for different situations or scenarios in any persons life. Whoever they may be. I honestly wish that I had had them when I was going to in person therapy sessions or when in hospital. I would have placed my mood that day on my ward bed to show to the staff how I as feeling that day. I would have used them to try and stay calm or as a soothing tool when needed. I even would have had them on my desk, when I worked, to show others in the office the emotions I was feeling that day.

As we begin a new year, with the unknown upon us, emotions are sure to be high. However, the Mood Bears team have made sure that everyone has a bear that can help them. I love each and every one for different reasons. Yet, the Hope, Calm and Nervous ones really stand out to my personality. And maybe the Silly one too aha! 

If you spotted the bears on Dragons Den, then you will know how fantastic the team behind the bears are. You won’t find a nicer bunch! To find out more about them or to shop the bears, head to their website now lovelies, with prices starting at £12.99 for the mini bears and £22.99 for the large ones. I promise you they are truly worth the cost! Every single person in your life will love them! 

It’s time to let all the emotions be explored and shared in 2024! One Mood Bear at a time! 

Joey X

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