Wonderbly’s Books Will Help You Share The Love This Christmas


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With Christmas shopping in full swing, it’s about to get intense. Finding the perfect gift for loved ones is so hard at times that all you want to do is runaway until it is all over. However, there is a great shop online that can make a beautiful present in no time at all! 

Introduced to me at the Big Christmas Press Show, Wonderbly, makes books for all ages that have the ultimate personal touch. Personalised with pictures and words of your choosing, Wonderbly is a service that has led to four gifts for me to give out this year, as I can’t get enough of it. 

Kindly gifted the opportunity to make a book of my own, I decided to create a personalised book for my mum to show her how thankful I am for her this Christmas. Selection the Ten Reasons book, each page reflected the words I want my mum to remember. The reasons she is so important to me. Words I struggle to say at times! 

Taking around five minutes to create, the book was soon shipped off to my home, arriving less than five days after making it. Placed in a beautiful gift box, I peeled back the lid to be graced with what I call my mum and my own name on the cover. 

This continued throughout the book, with a cinema sign, message in a bottle and more little touches keeping to this theme. Brightly themed, it is a book that reflects all seasons, emotions and life moments with its pages. All of which bringing a tear to my eye. 

I haven’t given it to my mum yet lovelies, as I want to keep it until the big event. However, the excitement I have to give it to her can be seen for miles. Priced at £24.99, the book I received is worth so much more. The love and care that is represented in its pages is truly heartwarming. 

Wonderbly have books that reflect love, dedications and childhood classics. All with an incredible love spread throughout them, mixed with professionalism. I can’t get enough of them and can’t wait to see what they create next! For a personal Christmas present, I couldn’t recommend them enough. Check out their website to see what I mean lovelies. You will be making one before you know it and you won’t even need to fight the Christmas shopping madness to get it! Winner winner Christmas dinner! 

Joey X

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