We Reviewed 11 Central & Seven Bro7hers In Manchester! Find Out What Happened…


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Yesterday, Manchester proved again why it is such an incredible city. Not because of the football or the shopping, but because of the great local restaurants and businesses making a huge difference around the UK! 

After being invited to a special screening of the new series of Reacher by Prime Video, the dream team headed to Manchester for a festive day of shopping, screenings and food. My brother Gio loves a good meal out, so after putting out a shout out, I was very kindly invited along to try a special lunch with a round of drinks at 11 Central and the Seven Bro7hers brewery

Based in Salford, the restaurant is situated close to the river, with gorgeous views available throughout the building. Upon arrival, we met our host Holly, who went above and beyond to make sure our seats and meal were perfect. Having been gifted a main meal, Holly advised us on the best dishes from the list. Taking up her suggestion of the beef wellington and a few veggie options, we continued to ask for her opinion by letting her advise us on what to drink. 

The Seven Bro7hers brewery makes a number of lagers, ales and beers, which are all lovingly brewed and distributed on site and around the country. Picking an Easy IPA and a 11 Central 4.0% Lager, the drinks arrived quickly, with the perfect amount of foam and ice cold temperatures. Smooth and delicious, these would be perfect in the summer, especially when sat outside overlooking the river. However, they were just as good inside with all the festive decorations. 

After around 15 minutes, our meals arrived. To say we were amazed would be an understatement. Cooked to around medium rare, with beautiful juices throughout, the wellington dish came with a smooth buttery smoked pomme purée, wild mushrooms, spinach and an absolutely delicious red wine jus. If there is one thing the north of England can do, it is make a great sauce/gravy. 

Pouring the jus over the top, my brother was a little apprehensive, due to never having had beef wellington before. Yet, upon his first mouthful, he shouted at me that it was one of the best meals he had ever had. He must have meant this, as he even ate the pomme purée and he hates mashed potatoes. Never in my life have I seen him eat them, but he did here. In fact, he demolished the meal in little to no time. All of which leaving him plenty of time to tell us how much he loved it. 

At £45, the main dish was worth every single penny. The portions were great, the meat cooked to perfection and the sides elegantly made. It felt like an early Christmas dinner. One that will go down in history in our family. Especially my brother’s, who is now dying to go back for more. 

The lager and IPA were also some of the best around and at a great price too. I was expecting them to cost a lot more, however, they were really reasonable, especially when it came to the size and the taste. All of my family agreed that we will now be looking out for them in our local shops and bars in the future. 

After finishing the meal, we were so happy. The whole dining experience was incredible from the moment we arrived. Holly, our host, should be commended highly for the hard work she does. Without her superb guidance and help, we would not have had such a great meal. One that we will go on to recommend to everyone heading near to 11 Central. 

I now know for a fact that when we all go back to Manchester/Salford, we will be visiting again. My mum is desperate to try it out now, even coming across a little jealous of my brother. Hours after we had finished, I expected my brother’s excitement to move onto the screening of Reacher, yet it was still all about the meal! It’s only been a day and already he is speaking to friends about returning. 

Whilst Reacher was great, it was the 11 Central and Seven Bro7hers service that was the real Christmas present for all. We could not recommend it enough lovelies! With so many choices to pick from, you will not be disappointed with what you go with. And if you can’t decide what to pick, ask for Holly, who will give you the best advice. 

Overall, the 11 Central is now a firm family favourite, with the Seven Bro7hers brand becoming one we will always turn to if available! We honestly can’t thank the team enough for letting us try the dishes. I could not recommend it more and if you ask my brother about it, he will eat your ear off with praise. Honestly lovelies, you need to book up and go ASAP! You will love it for sure! 

Joey X

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