Blogmas Day 14: Five Alternatives To Sending Christmas Cards This Year


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Last year, my best friend Dee decided to not do Christmas cards. After receiving the one I sent her, she replied with a massive thank you, but also an explanation as to why she wasn’t doing them. Instead, her and her husband Mark were going to donate the money that they would spend on cards to charity. A fact I loved it! 

Since then, I have been really thinking about how many cards I will send this year and to who. I love a Christmas card and always have done. I think it comes down to primary school, when we would bring in cards and hand them out at Christmas, after popping them in a cardboard letter box in the school hall. However, when you really think about it, they are not always great for the environment. 

There so, I have decided to dedicate today’s Blogmas post to alternative ways to send Christmas cards or greetings to people. Here are five simple ways to send lots of festive cheer without breaking the bank or the planet…

Donate To Charity: Inspired by Dee, I think donating the money that would have been spent on the cards, stamps and little additions to charity is a great idea. Knowing that the money is helping others in need is so much more rewarding. You could even make a food bank donation for every card you get and add a festive label highlighting who the tin or food item is in honour of. 

Plant A Seed: For everyone who sends you a card plant a seed in your garden. Then, take a picture and send a text or email telling them that you are thankful and attach the image of where the seed has been planted in their honour. You can then keep them updated a year later on how their plant has grown. 

Send An E-Card or Message: Whether it be a digital card, video or even a newsletter, add all you would in a card and send it via email. Cost effective and leaving no impact on the planet by doing so. A winner for all. 

Bake A Gift: Use the money that you would spend to buy ingredients for a festive bake. Once you have made the cake or cookies, take them to your local old people’s home or an emergency services offices and gift it to them. Take a few pictures of those who are receiving it enjoying the food and send this via online systems explaining what has happened. I am sure everyone will love to see the smiles of the recipients faces more than a card. 

Go Carol Singing Instead: If you live close to everyone you would normally send a card too, why not go carolling at their door instead? Get the whole family involved and head to each recipients door to spread some festive cheer. I know my heart would soar at this! 

These are only a few ideas lovelies, which I hope you will find helpful. Cards, stamps and time can be costly now and every thing that can help is vital. I hope you enjoy doing, making or taking part in some of these! Oh, and let me know how they go! 

Joey X

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