Blogmas Day 13: Five Key Pieces Of Tech You Need For An Easy Christmas


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas is often the time that we all seek to put down our tech devices and embrace everything around us. However, it can’t always be avoided. Our family is dotted all over the world, meaning we rely quite heavily on our phones and tablets to speak to everyone. 

From aunts and uncles to best friends, there is not a device we don’t need to speak to them, so I thought I would share with you some tech essentials to keep on hand. Justin case you need to make a last minute well wishing call! Be prepared with these five must have tech pieces to have in your home during the festive season…

Alexa Echo Show: You could use any Echo device, however, since having an Echo Show my life has been made a whole lot easier. I can see the time, watch timers set going down and check my Ring doorbell, all in one. Perfect for knowing when guests have arrived, how long the turkey has left and knowing if it is time for my favourite Christmas TV shows. 

A Smartphone: Not only key to calling and texting everyone, your smartphone can become your everything during the holidays. A diary, social organiser and connector to all those you love and need to speak to in one. Plus, many of us will use our phones cameras to instantly share our versions of the big day.

A Tablet: Whether I am reading a book, checking a recipe or putting something on to watch whilst cleaning or preparing something to eat, my tablet is going to be my hero this Christmas. Everywhere I go, my iPad will be beside me. Often used to also help keep me calm, I would definitely suggest using it to read from, play a game on or to stream a festive favourite when you Ned a minute to yourself. 

Microwaves/Air Fryer: When the oven is full, these are my heroes. In fact, I use my microwave more than any other kitchen appliance or tech! Make quick meals, canapés, key dishes or leftover reheated joys in less time and energy to help save money and the washing up. Fab! 

A TV/Streaming Services: I plan to spend most of Christmas Day, apart from the big meal, in bed with my family, snuggled up watching Christmas films. Using our Amazon Fire Stick, we will be binging hard on the likes of Home Alone and Elf. Make sure to use your TVs to their full advantages lovelies this Christmas. Even if it is only to watch the King’s speech or Love Actually for the fifth time (guilty as charged!).

I’m sure many of you will be using your devices on the big day, however, I would love to hear what tech do you have to have on hand! Let me know lovelies and I will share them with others to help them even more! 

Joey X

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