Blogmas Day 12: Celebrate With This Cranberry Mocktail This Christmas!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Heading into the holidays can mean lots of parties. Whilst they are super fun during the course of the evening, it’s the mornings that can then turn us into a Grinch if hungover. However, I’m here to help! 

As someone who no longer drinks, but lives with people who do, I know how to help them as much as I can after a bit to much the night before. I also know a great number of drinks to enjoy if you are teetotal like me. Including this one! 

Festive and fun, you will simply love this new recipe for a Cranberry Sparkler…


One Cup of Cranberry Juice

Ice Cubes (As many as you want!)

One Cup of Ginger Ale

1/4 Cup of Fresh Orange Juice



Measuring Cups


Drinks Stirrer


First, start by filling your chosen glass with ice cubes. These can be as many or as little as you would like. 

Then, pour the cranberry juice over the ice cubes first. 

Add in the ginger ale next, before finishing by squeezing or pouring in the fresh orange juice. 

Stir the mixture together and top with an umbrella or drinks accessory of your choice! 

Then kick back and relax this refreshing festive drink! What could be better lovelies?

Joey X

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