Blogmas Day 11: Five Ways To Deal With Hard Relationships at Christmas


Hey Lovelies, 

Christmas is a time when loved ones gather together to celebrate the festive season. Yet, it can also be a time when a lot of conflict and confusion can be felt. As we mark the closing of another year being on the horizon, I have been reflecting on the things that have happened across it. I won’t lie to you there is a bit of sadness to 2023. 

A relationship within our family broke down and it has left us all feeling sad, fragile and a bit broken. This Christmas I know that it is going to be hard. Having dealt with losing a parent at Christmas, I do know though that there are lots of amazing people and advice out there to help in these circumstances. 

Pieces of information and guidance, which I wanted to share with you in case you are going through a similar situation. Here are five things you can do to help you deal with the matter…

Be Kind To Yourself: Remember that you didn’t cause all of this and try to take time to relax, refresh and renew. Christmas is hectic in every single way, so it is important to be kind to you. Stay in and watch The Holiday three times. Wear an elf themed face mask. Tuck into that box of shortbread Christmas trees. Just be kind to you at this hard time of year. 

Plan Fun Activities With Others: If the fallout or issues were quite recent, make fun plans with those around you to help distract you. If it snows, have a snowball fight. Book in a pre-Christmas pamper session. Enjoy a meal out with friends or a movie night in. Make plans with yourself too to help you relax. The fun is endless at this time of year!

Create New Festive Traditions: From the 1st December, plans begin to get made. However, you don’t have to continue doing them each and every year, just because you feel like it. Make new traditions for you and those around you. Do a daily advent calendar full of fresh ideas to do on each day and rebuild or make new relationships that can replace those lost. So much fun can still be had at this time of year.

Set Time Limits: If you find yourself wondering what if or what should be done, set a time limit on what you are thinking. Spend ten minutes of your Christmas Day thinking about those not there. Once the ten minutes is up, regroup and remember who is there and make a special plan or do something fun with them to help distract you.

Know It’s Only One Day: Although many of us celebrate Christmas for the whole of December, it is important to remember that the actual day is only one. Spend it how you want to and be kind to you and those around you. I’m having a movie marathon in bed with my mum this year and I couldn’t think of anything better! 

Over the course of the years, Christmas has become a very quiet time compared to when I was little. I won’t lie, I do get sad when I think about who should be there and who isn’t. However, I am so grateful for my mum who makes the whole celebration special, as well as our amazing neighbours and friends. Love is certainly all around and it starts by being kind to you! 

Joey X

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