Saw X Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

The Saw franchise has always been know for its ultimate gory and horrific violence. Each and every film works to shock audience members, any which way it can. Yet, in the latest release in the series, a prequel of sorts, it seems that the gore is the only holding factor for the film. 

Returning to play the infamous Jigsaw, Tobin Bell, revives the horror film legend in an as epic way as can be. However, the script and basic storyline lets his sinister ways down. Set just after the first film, the cancer-stricken villain, heads abroad in hopes for a cure. 

When the team make him believe he has been saved, they soon find that lying to Jigsaw is not the thing to do. Discovering their deception, Bell’s character sets about his ways to make them suffer as much as possible, something they definitely do.

If you are a fan of the previous films then you will more than likely enjoy this addition. However, it may also be a letdown for you too. It doesn’t have the strength the others did. If you are a new viewer, I would suggest going back to the beginning and possibly skipping this one until you can’t anymore. 

The film does have some good factors, with Bell’s Jigsaw remaining one of the most sinister on-screen figures of all time. It just fails to really make its mark on the thriller world though. A real letdown for an otherwise brilliant series.

2 Stars

Joey X

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