Meg Rivers Have Created The Ultimate Christmas Cakes and Gifts This December!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas means cake! Whether it be a homemade one or a brought delight, you can’t beat an oozy slice of delight. Even the most anti Christmas cake lover can’t help but wanting it in their home. It’s a true tradition! 

However, with some amazing cakes on sale this year, Meg Rivers, have made a selection box of epic delights. Including one with a lot of heart! Kindly, the Meg Rivers team sent my family and me some to try. It was safe to say that they went down a treat! 

Upon opening the giant brown box, we were faced with a Meg Rivers blue box. Taking it carefully out to place on the side, I peeled back the lid to uncover two packages. Housed with them was the cutest mini Christmas classics hamper you could imagine. Featuring three mini frangipane mince pies, four shortbread stars, a mini ice Christmas cake and a true brownie delight in the shape of a heart, it was the perfect hamper to gift to someone who loves an afternoon tea. 

Priced at £22.50, if in the standard box, the mini cakes come with a free gift card too, which added to the merriment. Placing the food onto a fancy cake stand, my mum asked her best friend over for a drink to help her enjoy them. The moans from the pair could be heard throughout my house, especially about the mince pies. Different to the classics, the pies resembled more of a cupcake look, which worked wonders in showing the beauty of the plump mincemeat in them. 

The pair did break a few hearts whilst eating the pieces though. One brownie in particular, which even my mum, who isn’t a fan of chocolate based cakes enjoyed. Rounding the afternoon off, the pair happily finished their drinks by dunking the shortbread stars in them, which they said was truly delicious. My mum, who was raised on pure Scottish shortbread, said it tasted exactly like the ones she had as a child. Very very high praise lovelies! 

Keeping the mini Christmas cake wrapped up that day, my mum later went on to enjoy it the day after with another cup of tea. Moist and full of Christmas enchanted flavour,  my mum liked every single bit of it. Including the icing, which she normally takes off. Even on our own homemade one! 

She loved it so much that she couldn’t have been happier when I shared with her what else had been in the delivery. Truly spoilt, the Meg Rivers team had given us a full sized luxury classic Christmas cake. Smoothly coated in white snowy icing with a gold ribbon round it, you could smell the flavours of it upon opening the wrapping encasing it. 

You could tell every single detail had been thought of when making it and that it had been given the chance to truly mature in all its beauty, due to the weight of it. I won’t lie, I had to get my mum’s help to lift it. Taking a slice for herself and her friend, the pair put it to the test the following day. After much praise, my mum stood from the table, took the rest of the cake from the side and hid it in our festive cake tin. She then stated that this was ours and no one else was to have it aha! It was that good! 

With so many amazing products on offer this Christmas, there really is something that the whole family can enjoy at Meg Rivers. For me, the mini Christmas hamper won over heart in every way. There are so many people that I will now be thinking of gifting this to this year, as an afternoon tea experience. I’ve even thought about gifting one to our local care home for the residents. However, with the way my mum react to the full sized cake, I may just have to get them one of them. 

Head to the Meg Rivers website lovelies to find out more about what they have to offer this festive season and beyond. They really are the star on top of the fondant tree this year! 

Joey X

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