Blogmas Day Three: My Letter To Father Christmas 2023


Hey Lovelies, 

I haven’t wrote a Christmas letter to Santa in a very very long time. Is it weird to do so as a 28-year-old? Probably! But this year I am throwing my fears of being looked at odd away and writing to Mr Claus because why the hell not?! I still believe and I hope you all do to. So, here goes…

Dear Mr Claus/Santa/Father Christmas, 

Thank you for bringing us all together again for another festive season. My most favourite time of the year. I know I haven’t wrote to you in a long time, however, I never stopped believing in you. 

Ever since I was little, you have been a constant in my life. One I look forward to inviting in every year. Often I don’t know what goodies you may bring into my home and Christmas stocking, but I always appreciate them. 

This year, I’m writing to you with a few requests. Not really gifts but things I would like to achieve or do during this time that I hope you will gift to me. Therefore, I would really like this year for Christmas…

  • To Experience A Santa’s Grotto Again
  • A Sit Down Dinner with My Mum on Christmas Day
  • To Spend Christmas Day Evening in Festive PJs Snuggled Up in Bed
  • A Chance to Enjoy Seeing All The Christmas Lights in London
  • A Catch Up with My Closest Friends
  • A Cosy Christmas Hug
  • To Give The Gifts to The Hospital in Honour of My Dad Again
  • To Be Happy Throughout this Time of Year
  • For My Mum to Have an Amazing Festive Break

I hope that you will be able to gift me these throughout December and beyond. I miss being little and experiencing everything I did when small. I miss leaving out a carrot, mince pie and milk for you. I miss the smell of the turkey cooking on Christmas day. The warm hugs from all the family. The big TV debates. The sounds of my grandad asleep in the chair. I miss it all. So, if you read this l am really hoping you can give me these. It would truly make this time of year incredibly special to me and my family. 

I’ll look out for you on the 25th! I promise to leave you out some goodies too! Thanks for reading my letter. I’ll always believe you to be true! 

Joey X

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