Get Creative This Winter At A Gootopia Workshop!


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The new year brings hundreds of opportunities to learn how to make, do or see something new! Whether you are young or old, there is always a good time to get stuck into something that will make you happy and your brain healthier. A reason I adore the ideas behind the Gootopia workshops for those aged 18 months to 14 years. 

Based in Lewisham, Brixton and Wandsworth, the fully inclusive London central company hosts workshops, where children can learn how to make their own slime, through a Slime Science Show, before using a mix of colours, scents, add ins and shaving foams if they wish to make it fluffy, to make a giant tub of their own creation. They can also add glow powder at the special Glow Slime Workshops to make the slime really stand out. Something I love about the brand too is that they also run quiet workshops to help those with SEN needs. Anything created during the workshops goes home with the child, making the £15.99 price of the event fantastic! 

Upon hearing about the company just before Christmas, I knew it would be something my nephew would love. However, unfortunately he wasn’t with us in time to go. Luckily though, the team were kindly able to send me a few samples to try with him a few days later. These samples were giant tubs of their Honey Nectar Slime, which had honey confetti mixed in and a honey scent too. 

The team also provided two further giant tubs, which were the Blue Lagoon Slime, with a coconut scent added in, plus, the Kiwi Slime, also scented. Upon opening the honey tub, I was faced with the thick slime, which I have to admit made me a bit nervous. Yet, after seeing my nephew just dip his hand into the kiwi one, I braved it and pulled out the slime. A product I found oddly really satisfying to play with. As you pulled it around and shaped it, the smell really came, leaving a lovely scent on your hands. Not a synthetic one either! 

When kids attend the workshops, they don’t just get to leave with their creations, but also an extra giant tub too, giving them more than one to play with. A factor I think is really important, as it makes the whole at home fun even more enjoyable. 

We spent days playing with the slime. Even now, with my nephew having taken his home, I still sometimes find myself using it to help calm me down. The smells are strong but not to overpowering. They have added in a great amount of confetti, but nothing that leaves a mess everywhere. Plus, they are environmentally friendly too. 

For me personally, I would much rather pay for my nephew to go to the one hour workshops than just buy him some random slime. Not only would he have more fun but from the size of the tubs, fun shows and the interactive elements, I feel like my money would go much further in a more enjoyable manner. 

With workshops running on weekends and the school holidays,the hour slot is perfect for busy families or parents. Plus, the after results lead to more fun to be had for hours afterwards too. If you are also looking for a space to host a party, the company also runs them for around £299 for a party of 15 children. The parties allow for children to experience a longer Gootopia workshop of one and a half hours, plus lots more.

I will admit that I had never heard of Gootopia before the company reached out to me. However, I wish they had had something like this when I was younger. I love creative things, especially science based ones, so this would have been incredible for me. The idea of learning how to make my own slime and getting messy doing so just seems like a great way to spend the afternoon. I may just have to convince my nephew to have his party there, just so I can join in with it! 

Gootopia has a fantastic website, which breaks down everything you need to know lovelies. From booking parties and workshops to school trips, they have something to help accommodate everyone, so make sure to take a look lovelies to find out more about it all. Just let me know when we should all book up to go!

Joey X

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