It’s Time For ABBA Voyage! Tonight, I’ll be Flying The Flag For You Pops!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Tonight marks a very special occasion for me. I don’t head to gigs that often anymore, as I find big crowds a bit overwhelming at times. However, for a long time I have wanted to go to see ABBA Voyage in London. And finally the day has arrived in which I will be! 

ABBA have always been a huge part of my life. All thanks to my dad! Papa Tamburello loved them so much. I mean, watched the Mamma Mia films if they were on TV, even going to the cinema to see the second one, listening to their music all the time and even taking me to see a tribute act based on them. 

In fact, it is that last moment that has inspired this post. Whilst I am at the concert, I will be wearing the Italian flag, with his name and dates on them, around my shoulders. A sign of respect but also a reverse moment in history shall we say. Here is why…

My dad’s love of ABBA caused him to book the tickets for that tribute show in my local town theatre. I had to be around four or five at the time, meaning I had never been to a concert before. Yet, my dad requested that me and my mum get dressed up and ready to dance. He told us he was taking his, ‘dancing queens’ out for the night. So, we did just that.

Jumping into the car, my dad drove us all to the event, before walking with us both hand in hand to the Hertford Theatre venue, where the concert was happening. I was so scared. I remember the feeling of panic bubbling in me. Especially when I saw my dad drinking a shandy, which I thought was beer, as I worried about him crashing the car home. 

When the lights went down, my worries grew. I wasn’t a massive fan of the dark and to suddenly be placed in full flow of it, along with a screaming crowd, was terrifying. I began to cry. 

Looking down at me, I can recall my dad telling me it was all going to be okay. He picked me up and placed me onto his shoulders, away from the people and those around me. We were at the back, so we caused no problems for anyone. 

My mind was blown when I could then see the band on stage. The lights. The outfits. The songs I had grown up with being played out loud. Everyone singing and dancing along. I can remember my parents doing exactly that, holding onto me and each other, as we danced the night away. 

The moment was unreal. It’s a core memory that I can remember every little detail of. My dad made sure we all danced until our feet hurt. When it was all over, he kept me on his shoulders and carried me, whilst holding my mum’s hand to the kebab shop along the road. 

I thought he was the coolest person alive and we were an unbreakable trio. Something I still think now, even though he is no longer with us. There so, I am wearing the flag around my shoulders to dance with him in memory, like he put me on his shoulders when I was little. A guiding support no matter what. 

As soon as Dancing Queen is played tonight, I know I will start crying. ABBA was so important to him that I chose the song to play at his funeral. Now, I can’t hear it without tearing up or crying. They will be tears of both joy and sadness. Forever will I be one of his dancing queens! 

We will be flying the flag for you today Pops! Your two, forever yours, dancing queens! 

Joey X

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