Blogmas Day Nine: Five Ways To Celebrate Christmas For Less


Hey Lovelies, 

Gathering together at this time of year is super important! For most of us that means the next few Saturday nights, like tonight, are going to be full of plans. Yet, they don’t have to cost you the earth! 

Seeing friends, family members and even taking time for yourself can be totally free or done cheaply in fact. Here are a few ideas on how to do so…

Homemade Dinner Party: Gather your friends and arrange a dinner party each week in the lead up to the big day. Then hand out what dish each person should bring. For example, if there are six of you, two can bring starters, two can bring dinner and two can bring desserts. You can then discuss dietary requirements and any other important matters. Then simply decorate the table on the night and enjoy each others company. Plus, you won’t have to fork out for a taxi or car park either. 

See The Light All Around You: Hop into the car and drive or walk around your local area with your family and friends to see the lights. I love to spend Sunday’s doing this with my mum. In fact, we even do it on Christmas Day. Grab a hot drink, wrap up warm and go out into the dark to see the lights in everyone’s homes. There is nothing quite like the joy a decorated tree can bring. 

Host A Crafting Night: Know how to knit or crochet? Got a printer that can print out colouring in sheets? Why not spend a Saturday evening hosting a crafting night. Little ones can spend time painting cards or decorations, whilst adults can make gifts to give to others. If you want to learn a new skill then someone else may teach you just in time for the big day. Bonding and money saving are brilliant ways to spend Christmas together. 

Eat, Sleep, Santa, Repeat: I really miss the days when I would head off to a friends house for a sleepover. With so much madness happening at this time of year, I think it is actually the perfect month to host one. Get the snacks in, snuggle up and enjoy endless Christmas specials and films together with your favourite people. I’ve already got a few nights in planned and I can’t wait! Plus, with sleep being hard to get at this time of year, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on some. 

Visit A Lonely Person or Nursing Home: I recently heard about this idea and loved it. Instead of heading to your nearest pub or big venue, go to a local hospice or nursing home and spend time with those who may not see anyone at this time of you. I’m certain that all of you will leave with a smile on your face. 

However you choose to spend the next few weekends, I hope that you have fun, relax and enjoy them! If you do any of these, please let me know! Especially the last one, which I think is super sweet! 

Joey X

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