Pamper Your Pooch This Christmas With Scrubbies!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Anyone else love to do a pre-Christmas bit of pampering? I am a huge fan of making myself look good for the big day, even if it is only done at home. However, this year it is all about the other people or animals in your life. Yes, it is time to celebrate the dogs in your life by giving them the ultimate festive pampering this Christmas! All thanks to Scrubbies

Made entirely from natural vegan ingredients, Scrubbies is an incredible brand, who have made all the skin, bathing and healthy grooming products your pooch needs. From detangling sprays to gorgeous shampoos, there is an item for every animal, made by experts within the industry. 

Kindly, the team offered me the chance to try one of their products, which was the revitalising shampoo. Scented with wonderful peppermint and rosemary smells, it was like a Christmas tree wrapped up in a bottle. Upon first opening the box it came in, I could smell the rich aromas instantly. Turning to my mum to let her smell it, we both agreed that we would happily use the products on ourselves! We have been good though and left it to the dogs to review. 

With two Cocker Spaniels on hand, we allowed them to get really wet and muddy on their walks. We mean literally rolling in it muddy. Quickly getting them into our downstairs bathroom, we grabbed the shower head and shampoo, before getting down to the cleaning. 

Using only a small amount on their fur and skin at first, we were surprised by how bubbly and clean it got. Honestly, a pea sized amount went really far on these two furry creatures. With mum handling one and a neighbour the other, the dogs smelt wonderful in little to no time. A fact that made us all super impressed. Even after hours from having been cleaned, we could still smell the refreshing aroma on them. 

Another big bonus was the way their fur felt. The dogs are very well kept, so we don’t have any problems with their skin, but one of them has had issues with their paws. The shampoo seemed to somehow make them feel less dry, which was great. Especially when it can be prone to sometimes splitting, something the vets are aware of. As well, their fur felt extra soft, as we brushed and stroked the pair. 

At £10 a bottle, this shampoo is truly worth it. The quality and outcomes from it made me expect it to be priced higher. Many other brands would have been. Upon seeing how much of a difference it has made, I now want to make a full stocking for Christmas Day for them. Although with the smells that come out of the products, I think it will be more of a treat for us. 

Scrubbies are a fantastic brand that I couldn’t recommend enough lovelies! I was so happy by the results I have told so many pet owners about it. Honestly, it is a pet friendly gift that will just keep on giving this Christmas and beyond! Head to their website lovelies to see more of their collection, prices and amazing story. You will be very impressed!

From today, I will no longer be the only one pampered at Christmas! Oh no, my animals will too! Winner winner, Christmas dinner! Or well, pamper aha! 

Joey X

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