Blogmas Day 21: Five Ways To Relax During The Holidays


Good Morning Lovelies, 

We are fast approaching the big day now! Have you finished wrapping the presents? Is your Christmas cake nearly prepared to delight guests? Ready to embrace the beauty of Christmas PJs and jumpers? I know I am fully ready for it! 

However, I know that this can also be a very very stressful week. It comes around so quickly, with the build up wrecking with our emotions. In our house, we have tried to have more relaxing moments recently, with fun planned more so after the 25th. This helps us to keep our emotions in check. 

We also do a number of other key well-being factors to help us, which I wanted to share with you. Below is five things I do that I hope can help you stay calmer and happier during this week…

Go For A Walk: Whilst it can be tempting to stay in and get everything done, a breath of fresh air can do the world of good. Whether it is an early morning crisp walk or a night time outing to see the festive lights, take five  minutes of me time by heading out and breathing in the fresh air. I love to pop on a podcast or Christmas music too to help me relax. 

Ask For Help: Never be afraid to ask for help. If tasks need to be handed out, make a list of who can do what to ensure that not everything is on your plate. If tasks can be broken down, split them up and do them over the next few days instead of all in one go. This can be really helpful when it comes to cleaning up the house! 

Use Your Delivery Services: Prime is perfect for this! I have been known to order gifts that have arrived on Christmas Eve because people have got me one or I have forgotten a gift last minute. Use your services as much as you can as they can be a real life saver. 

Find A Space To Relax: Whilst sorting everything out, plan a space that you can escape to on the big day for some peace. Even if you are spending it having a quiet one, just pop onto a chair in the corner, cosy up on your bed or plan a nice bubble bath that can fit into your Christmas Day. Your body will thank you for it. 

Try To Enjoy It: Waking up on Christmas Day is often described as being dreadful if you are no longer a little kid. Children jumping on your bed and waking you up. Cooking the turkey and prepping the veg. Wrapping last minute presents. Santa has a whole team of elves to help him, so even he needs to be reminded that it is a holiday of joy. Instead of waking up with that dreading feeling, try to embrace it all as a happy time. Wear those cheesy outfits. Pop on your favourite song. Eat all and everything you want. Just try to remain as happy as you can lovelies, even in times of stress. It’s one day of the year and whatever doesn’t go to plan can just be avoided the next year! 

These may all be a little bit random lovelies, but I hope that they can help you all! Let’s nail this week! 

Joey X

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