Blogmas Day 20: My Favourite Things From 2023


Good Morning Lovelies, 

The end of December and the year is upon us! Looking back, it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride. For many reasons! Firstly, it feels or seems like 2023 has just flown by. One minute we were in January, the next July and now it’s approaching 2024! What happened? 

To mark the end of the year though, I thought I would do a yearly favourites instead of a monthly one. I think I will still do one of those, but probably in January! For now though, I had a bit of fun thinking back to everything I enjoyed this year to share with you all…

Favourite Podcast of 2023: Parenting Hell by Josh Widdicombe and Rob Beckett - Podcasts have been my saviour this here. Often, you will find me trapped somewhere or wandering around listening to a podcast. My favourite one though is still Parenting Hell. I got to see it live in 2023 and I feel like my bond with it is now even stronger. Plus, I love how relatable Josh and Rob are.

Favourite Film of 2023: Barbie - I feel like there wasn’t many films out this year! However, there didn’t need to be when you have an epic one like this. I’m just Ken and I have all the Kenergy inside of me to love this film for life.

Favourite TV Show of 2023: The Summer I Turned Pretty (Series Two) - I wait all year for this to come back, binging on the last series to make sure I don’t forget anything. I was very fortunate to watch the entire second series early. Shooting itself straight to the top of my list of shows for the year! I can’t wait for the third one now!

Favourite Beauty Item of 2023: Bon Bon by Viktor&Rolf - I like to buy perfume. It’s a fact. For years though, I have wanted this one, yet, I never brought it due to the price. Though, I changed that this year and had a treat myself day. I absolutely love the smell and only wear it on special occasions, which means it has lots of great memories now. Including my favourite one of the year!

Favourite Book of 2023: Preloved by Lauren Bravo - I didn’t read as much this year as last, due to rediscovering my love of magazines. Though, I did fall for the charms of one book in particular. Having volunteered in a charity shop, I know the magic and memories of certain items. This book captured these memories beautifully, whilst also being sweet at the same time. 

Favourite Food Find of 2023: Oooo this was hard. Struggling with lots of food, I find it hard to pick one, but I think it has to be falling in love with many childhood classics again. Especially cereals. Oh and of course my love of honey has grown and grown! There isn’t an overall favourite, but I do love a good honey. Any kind!

Favourite Experience of 2023: Overall, I feel like my favourite moment of the year had to be the afternoon tea experience at the Blackpool Tower. Me, my brother Gio, my mum Jane and my nephew Leo were gifted an amazing opportunity. It will forever go down as one of the best times of my life. My mum was so happy. My brother and nephew were super cute dancing around the ballroom. My heart was full. For that, it is my favourite moment of 2023. 

What were your favourite moments, items or memories from the past year? Let me know lovelies! 

Joey X

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