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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Over the weekend, we delved into the full force of Christmas here on the blog! Splitting my time between London and Blackpool, I felt like I couldn’t embrace Christmas more. So much so I am going to be decorating my tree in two weeks time! I am currently planning the whole process. 

However, this weekend, I was able to enjoy it to the max with my whole family. Especially when I was given an amazing breakfast experience at the Hard Rock Cafe in London’s Piccadilly Circus

Kindly, after reaching out to see what was happening in the capital over the weekend, I was given an amazing chance to enjoy a complimentary breakfast, along with my family, as well as breakfast cocktails and two breakfasts and milkshakes for the kids. Plus, an unlimited amount of soft drinks for the whole family. Honestly, when I was given this opportunity I couldn’t believe it. 

Upon arriving at the rockets restaurant in London, we were amazed by the beautiful building. Yet, it was what was in the building that really mattered. The music was blaring. The rockstars outfits were shining. The lyrics were being sung by all inside. There wasn’t anything boring about this venue to say the least. 

Seated downstairs, with the upstairs having been turned into a shop, the whole room was kitted out in memorabilia. In a comfy sofa-like booth, everyone got excited about what they were going to choose. Starting with our orders for drinks, we decided on a classic cup of tea (£4.40), from the legends that are Twinings of London, who have their first ever shop very close to the cafe and a super sweet but delicious strawberry basil lemonade (£7.60). A drink that was so fresh, even down to the added strawberries in it, it felt like summer had returned. 

For the two children, they both had the diner-style milkshakes (£7.45 each), chocolate flavoured, which were nearly bigger than them. When they came out to our table, you could see the ice cream melting into a thick, delicious, shake, with the whipped cream on top swirling into it to make it perfect. Both couldn’t stop drinking them, as they waited for their breakfast. 

Quick to take our order, the staff, who sang as they worked, were happy to provide both adults with the full English breakfasts (£14 each) and the two kids with a Lil’Rocker sized stack of fresh pancakes (£9.75 each including a drink!). Within the full English breakfast was fresh roasted vine-ripened tomatoes, mushrooms, grilled smoked bacon, crispy hash browns that were the best we had tasted ever, baked beans, a thick Cumberland sausage and a perfectly poached egg, which was picked from a choice of fried, scrambled and poached. Plus, some beautifully toasted sourdough, which was not too crispy but also not too soft. Perfect toast consistency. 

In regards to the pancakes, the kids were faced with a fine stack of goodness. Topped with fresh berries and banana, the pancakes were drizzled with homemade hot fudge chocolate sauce, which was soon smeared on their faces. Even after the full English breakfasts, all the table had to try some. It was safe to say that by the end of it, everyone was happy and satisfied. Honestly, we were so full we didn’t need anything for hours after and were super cosy and warm, leaving us ready to rock out and roam around London afterwards. 

Having never been to the Hard Rock Cafe before, I would happily return again with the whole family. Everyone left with a warm, happy smile and tummy afterwards, with plenty of memories to behold. It was a great way to start the first day of the trip and the kids will remember it forever. Overall, the meal came to £74.40, which may seem pricey for a breakfast, but for a family of four, it was worth it in the memories we made and the delicious food we had. 

In the lead up to Christmas, you couldn’t have asked for anything better and when we return to London again in the future, we would definitely go back. We honestly could not be more thankful to the amazing Hard Rock team for the warming welcome and the food and drinks they provided. Having these special family moments make our capital so welcoming and I will be recommending the restaurant to everyone I know. 

The Hard Rock Cafe also does special steak burgers, main meals, sandwiches, kid friendly menus and special desserts and drinks, until very late at night, with menus being able to be viewed on their website lovelies. Perfect for if you want to grab a bite on the go or for a special occasion at night. It literally is rocking all over the world with the people who walk through the doors and I will be one of them when I go back! 

Joey X

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