Pikkii Have The Ultimate Games To Play This Christmas!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

You all know that I am a sucker for a fun game and what better time to discover a new one than at Christmas? With the whole family around or even if it is a quiet one, there is nothing quite like it! 

There so, when I was told about the brilliant selection that Pikkii were producing this year, I had to find out more! From stocking fillers to new board game classics, there is truly something for everyone to play. 

Kindly, the team sent me a few review. On a cold Saturday afternoon, when the package arrived, I was greeted to The Egg Game and the cutest thing ever, the Movie Popcorn Bucket List. Both very different but super fun, even just from looking at them. 

I decided to give the Movie Popcorn Bucket List the first test out of the two. Small enough to fit inside a stocking, it is a great item to gift someone who loves films and those who never know what to watch. Opening the outer box, you are greeted to a cute mini cardboard popcorn bucket filled up with scrunched up pieces of paper, made to look like popcorn. 

Picking out a popcorn, you then un-scrunch the piece and on the paper is a film. With little bits of information included, it’s both educational and fun, whilst also helpful in not letting you over think the choice. There are so many films within the bucket that I still haven’t seen. I will definitely be using this over the next few winter months to find a new feature to watch. 

Next up was The Egg Game! With a fake egg poking out of the front of the box, the game also includes challenge cards, a timer and instructions to follow. Keeping the fake egg in the hole, the cards must be placed faced down onto the table. However, there is a twist to be had! 

The player who last had the egg in the previous round or game must decided whether to keep using the fake egg for only one point or to use a real egg to get three points each turn. Once the egg choice has been selected then the fun really begins. 

Sticking with the fake egg in our house, we each had to take it in turns to read a challenge out, before starting the one minute timer to begin completing it. If successful, then you would score the points. However, if you drop the egg or don’t complete the task then you lose and get no points. 

It’s made even harder if a real egg is used because the rules state that a broken egg can actually make you lose one point and you have to clean it up before continuing the game. The first player to get to 12 points is the winner at the end. 

I loved this game so much. Unlike the normal ones played, such as Charades, this game was fun for everyone involved. Seeing people doing the oddest of things, it made the whole family smile when we played it. Both a thinking and a strategy based feature, you can’t help but love it. 

Now more than anything I want to know and play more games by Pikkii. And I’m not just saying that. I hadn’t really heard about the company before. Yet, I now want to gift a lot of people I know their games this Christmas. Thinking about how much fun they will have honestly brings a smile to my face. Especially when I think about some of the things they may to do with that fake egg. 

I couldn’t recommend Pikkii or the games and gifts mentioned enough lovelies. Please do go and check out their website if you are interested in finding out more, as there is also a ton of items on there that are equally brilliant. It’s time to throw out the old and bring in the new after all! 

Joey X

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