Five Simple Tips To Help Ease Raynaud’s Syndrome


Morning Lovelies,

November brings with it the chilly weather. The cosy weather. The wind and the rain. The days where you embrace the heat in your home and layer up. Being cosy is a gift that I appreciate a lot. 

I know many people are suffering this year again, after a horrible winter, and I am sending so much love to them. As someone who suffers tremendously with the cold, I know how hard it can be. 

Not only do I have anorexia, which makes me colder than most, I also get the chills after my anxiety disorder kicks off. However, the biggest issue I face during this time of year is Raynaud’s Syndrome. 

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with the condition. It affects my feet, especially my toes, my hands, the tip of my nose and yes, my nipples too! The colour in each of them changes from purple to red to pale white. They do not get warm even when wearing thermal items, which leaves chills in my whole body. My hands are often prone to splitting too, which can leave my clothes and bedding looking like I have killed someone.

Yet, I have found some ways to help deal with the condition. Especially the dreaded splits that come from central heating and gloves drying them out when they warm them up and then the cold causing them to seize up again. Swollen fingers can be very common in fact. 

Not all of these tips may work lovelies, but, if they can help you or someone you know in anyway at all, I will be really happy. Here are five things I use or do to help with my Raynaud’s Syndrome…

Use A Good Medical Moisturiser: When I went into hospital, my hands were so dry, split and purple. Instantly the nurses and doctors gave me a cream called Epimax. Now, whenever my hands get bad, I pop this on. It is really the only thing I know that works after spending years trying to find a good hand cream. Doublebase and Vaseline are also great saviours. 

Avoid Washing Your Hands To Much: Okay, so I am very guilty of this. Due to my anorexia, I have OCD traits. This causes me to put my hand in lots of hot water from the sink to use to clean plates, cutlery and the sides of my kitchen often. All of which causing painful cuts and splits. I would definitely suggest getting someone to help you wash up when you are having a bad attack and avoid washing them too much too. Obviously do wash them after the loo aha, but, don’t wash them to much or hard. 

Get Some Great Gloves: My hands are pretty small, so I struggle with this. However, there are some brilliant thermal gloves for all sizes that can help keep hands warm. Whether inside or out, you can enjoy the comfort of a pair or some mittens easily, as they truly help. I get the Primark ones, which are super affordable, thick and also often include the touch screen element too. Perfect for when you need to send a text but don’t want to get cold. 

Try To Relax: Pot meet kettle. Again, I am probably the worst one to give this advice, yet, I have found that when my anxiety is high or I am feeling stressed, my Raynaud’s will kick in and I’m frozen. Even when I have panic attacks, which cause me to get a hot head, the syndrome will make me freeze all over. If you can, find some ways to relax and calm. I like to write blog posts or do something creative lovelies. 

Ask Someone To Help: There is no way in winter I can go near a freezer. Even the freezer aisles in shops cause flare ups. Luckily, my mum, who is my carer, is always on hand to help. If I need something in the cold areas or at home, she steps in and gets it for me. Something I am eternally grateful for. If you have someone living with you, at work or simply trust a lot, ask them if they can help you to do the tasks you can’t. I’m sure they will be happy to help! 

As I write this post my hands are stone cold. My nose is frozen and I am wearing two pairs of socks, under a pair of fluffy slippers. I’m also a socks in bed person now. The symptoms of Raynaud’s are horrible and I would not wish the condition on anyone. They’re so, I hope that these simple suggestions can help in a little way lovelies. 

Remember, the best thing to do is wrap up, stay warm and get cosy! Hugs all round this year aha! 

Joey X

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