LUVISS Have Created The Ultimate Lube! Discover Alternative Ways To Use It…


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Lube probably isn’t the thing that you think would pop up on the blog, however, I have a good reason for it doing so! 

For many, lubricants are brilliant when it comes to easing any uncomfortable situations when having sex. However, it also has many other uses that not many of us know about. Even when writing this post, I learnt a lot of new things about it. Many of which that can help in day to day life. 

There so, when LUVISS kindly offered me the chance to try some of their luxury water/based lubricant (£22) out, I quickly said a very big yes and thank you! Especially when I found out that I can use it for the following alternatives…

Tame Fly-Away Hairs: If you are like me then you will suffer with little hairs all over the place on your head. Give it five minutes after I have styled it and they will be out. Especially as my hair grows stronger again, after thinning out for so long. Lubricants can be used to tame fly-aways as it reduces frizz, whilst increasing your hairs shine at the same time. 

Stop Chaffing: Much like Vaseline, lubricants can be used to stop chaffing. Place into those areas that tend to rub and feel instant relief. When using the LUVISS product, you will also find that it has a lovely cooling effect, making it perfect for summer.

Remove Make Up: Instead of using wipes and other nasty chemicals, this water-based lubricants can be used to swipe away all those lotions and potions placed onto your face lovelies. All in a very gentle and moisturising manner. It’s also great in replacement of lip gloss! 

Smooth and Shave: Due to the moisturising makeup of lube they can be used in replacement of shaving cream and gels. Simply place it on, shave and wipe away to have smooth as a baby’s bum skin. 

Master A Massage: Whether it is with someone else or on your own, water-based lubricants like this are perfect when massaging someone or yourself. LUVISS doesn’t leave any sticky feelings behind, leading to super smooth skin without all the mess. 

LUVISS is a fantastic lubricant lovelies, which has mastered the art of pure pleasure. Sexual or not. Available at Sephora in the UK, it is a little bit more in price compared to others, but from the moment the glass bottle is in your hand, you know you have a fantastic product to enjoy in endless ways! I promise!

Joey X

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