Hansel Will Help You Wrap Up A Winner This Christmas


Good Morning Lovelies, 

As I write this post, a few weeks from when it is published, my heart is soaring! My Christmas mojo is in full swing and I am present shopping at the same time as writing. 

However, it isn’t just overjoyed by the idea of gifts. No, it is happy due to the wonderful world of Hansel wrapping paper that I have been introduced to this year. Completely eco-friendly and recyclable, the team behind the designs reached out to me to tell me about their range and kindly offered to send me a few samples. Now, I don’t mean to be over dramatic, but my gift wrapping ways will never be the same again! 

With so many designs to pick from, I asked the team to choose a festive selection for me. That selection was utterly perfect. They were so gorgeous that I could feel my writing juices flowing, meaning I had to tell you all about my favourite looks. These included the following: 

Holly Geo Trees, £4.49 for 3M: The first design I found was this gorgeous tree pattern on brown paper. Made of strong stuff, this thick product looks gorgeous when placed under any Christmas display, as the pattern stands out in an incredible way. It’s like a decoration of its own. 

Snowman Sketches, £4.49 for 3M: Christmas isn’t Christmas without a snowman around. This design would be perfect to wrap the little ones in your family’s presents with. 

Terracotta Winter Trees, £4.49 for 3M: My utmost favourite of the bunch was this design. I want to buy loads of it and hang it on my walls. I’ve actually hidden this from our wrapping paper pile, as I simply don’t want it to get ruined. It’s utterly stunning in every way. 

Vintage Christmas, £4.49 for 3M: This pattern again reminds me of something I would want to hang on my walls during the festive season. Truly beautiful, it would be the best of the bunch to wrap everyone in your family or friendship groups gifts with. Little ones may even like to colour it in once they have finished unwrapping what’s under it. 

Christmas Nutcracker, £3.79 for 3M: I love a nutcracker at Christmas, so this paper was an instant winner to me. For a great price too, it is great to wrap those special loved ones items. Especially the nutcracker lover in your homes. I will be using this very delicately when it comes to wrapping and unwrapping presents. 

Hansel also provided me with everything I would need to complete the wrapping process. This included red ribbon, golden twine and some plain gold recyclable paper that could be used as an extra layer or on its own. 

Having never heard of the brand before I was truly blown away by the beauty of it all. Knowing about them now, I will definitely be stocking up, even when it isn’t the festive season. Honestly, their website, which you should all take a look at lovelies, is filled with real gems! 

Just stick on that classic Christmas film, pour a good old Baileys and get stuck into the wrapping with these festive winners! You and those you give it to will not be disappointed.

Joey X

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