Head Back In Time This Christmas With History Newspapers!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

The festive season is often a key time for reflection. Gathering families together, the memories of years gone by come out, with laughter, tears and fondness felt for them. In our house, we spend ages talking about those who are no longer here and the cultural moments too. Time honestly goes so quick when you think about it! 

That is why I was so interested to find out more about History Newspapers. Much like the famous This Is Your Life book, the company gathers the headlines that were on the front of the newspapers on your selected date. Themed around birthdays, special occasions and even football teams. Then they place them into a gorgeously bound book, which can be gifted to your loved ones, with special personal touches too. 

Kindly, the team at the company offered me a chance to make my own book. With Christmas coming up, I couldn’t think of a more perfect present for my mum, who looks flicking through vintage finds or nostalgic Facebook pages. 

Selecting the Just For You book, I entered my mum’s name and chose her date of birth to make up the newspaper. The company then find the headline pages from the Daily Mirror from the day she was born up until this year to fill up the pages. All covered up in a gorgeous green leather hardback cover. 

Opening the box containing the book, I couldn’t hold back my joy at it. So much so that I gave it to my mum there and then. I simply couldn’t hold back my love of it. Gifting it to her in the style of the classic show mentioned above, she sat up and took hold of it like it was an important file no one else could see. 

Taking in each headline, mum was fascinated by the memories it reminded of. Born on the 21st June 1962, she was able to take in the old prime ministers. The hottest weather period of the 70s. The stars of now who had made blunders to say the least. 

Her biggest joy though was seeing how much the paper used to cost and the days her birthday fell on. Jumping from just 7p to over a pound made her continuously point it out to me. 

The book contained pages that were blank, with the words, ‘Remember When,’ placed on them. These are pages that can be filled with memories from those years. Old photos can be stuck in. Notes can be written. However, with how beautiful the book is, you may not want to do this. 

Both myself and my mum couldn’t get over how beautiful, well crafted and nostalgic the book was. My mum even showed it off to her friends when they came round, who equally agreed it was stunning. Priced at £49.99, the book is a bit expensive, but when you get it you know why. It is a book that will last the test of time.

With so many other designs to choose from, there is literally something for everyone to fall for. To find out more about them lovelies, head to History Newspapers website. I’m honestly so pleased with what we received that I now want to make one with my birthday! It might just have to be done! 

Joey X

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