Face Junkie are One of the Best Beauty Brands This Christmas!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Over the last year, I have been trying to love my skin a little bit more. Due to my eating disorder, Raynaud’s Syndrome and anxiety disorder, it goes through a lot of tough moments, causing dryness, peeling and tiny pimples to appear on my chin and nose. 

However, with the introduction of a proper skin care routine, I have been able to tame them as much as I can. Every day, I use an exfoliating cleanser in the shower, before applying an oil free, SPF secured, spot preventing face cream and lip balm. I have a very simple routine, as I like to get up and go. 

I do take more care at night though. With more time to apply to my routine, whilst also winding down, I like to use a wipe pad to remove the grime of the day, before applying a night cream, lip balm and spot gel to help tackle those little bumps. I sometimes also use a face mask or eye mask to help target problems or to just relax. 

With all this in place, I have also grown a new love for looking out for products that can help me. I’ve sampled many face creams, cleaners and other products to find the right ones for me. Never thought have I tried Face Junkie

After reaching out for products that may be great presents this Christmas, the wonderful team at Face Junkie asked if I would like to try their brand. Something I was more than happy to do. I will admit that I had never heard of the brand before, yet, after reading up more about them and what they believe in, I was super excited. 

Kindly, the team sent me the big Hero Collection, featuring six of the major products, which help to take care of your skin from morning to night. Upon receiving the parcel, I was faced with a gorgeous wooden box. Inside were my new facial delights. 

The team had also added a few extra products to go alongside the items, including a bamboo headband, facial roller, reusable bamboo pads and a flannel. All essentials when it comes to making sure the products were used correctly. 

At this point, I was fully aware of the amazing eco friendly way the brand was ran on. I always love to find products that help the planet and Face Junkie is definitely on a mission to do that. Whilst also mending my face! 

After doing a little research into the order, usage and amounts to apply, I decided to put the items to the test straight away. Waking up the next morning, I did what I always do, which is head for my shower. Yet, instead of using my normal cleanser, I took the #1 product in the box, the Brightening Cleanser

Enriched with ingredients such as neroli oil, glycolic acid and salicylic acid, the cleanser is super gentle to apply, with hardly any needed to make a difference. Lifting away the oils on my morning face easily, I felt like a new person automatically. Knowing I would be able to keep the product for a long time too, also lifted my spirits. With this in mind, I got into my shower and felt refreshed entirely when leaving the bathroom. 

Moving on to stage two of the morning routine, I took product #2, the Vitamin C + Neroli Antioxidant Serum and started to apply. I will confess that until this moment, I was a serum virgin. I haven’t ever used one and definitely not one with antioxidants in it. Helping to preserve skin from environmental damage, premature ageing, discolouration and dullness, whilst building a brighter complexion, the serum went on smoothly. 

There was no oily residue left on my skin, something I can’t stand, just a simple smoothness. This led to the final stage of the morning process to be done easily. After letting the serum rest for a bit, I took #3, the Neroli Day Cream + Sunscreen, out of the box and used it like I do my normal face cream.

I love when sunscreen and day creams are mixed together, due to them making me feel safer when out and about. Again, my skin felt refreshed, with no oils or stickiness that other creams can cause. Drying fast, I could see a brighter edge to my face, which lasted throughout the day. 

After a successful morning routine, I was excited to see how the evening one would go. I normal head up to bed around 11pm at night, with my nighttime routine taking around 10 minutes to complete. Yet, I went up earlier on this night to relax and use these products to the best of the ability. 

Starting with product #4, a Green Tea Antioxidant Cleansing Oil. I was worried to apply an oil before bed, due to not doing it before and not wanting to be sticky at night. This didn’t do that though. It dried quickly and left my face feeling super refreshed, with all the products and day washed away. I used another one of the bamboo pads with this product, having used some in the morning with the others. I loved how soft they were and felt better using these than facial wipes. 

With the cleanser having worked its magic, I took to product #5, the Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum. For years, I have read about hyaluronic acid, but never fully understood what it does. Luckily, Face Junkie had explained it on their website, so I got a better understanding before using this. 

Formulated to try and help boost hydration, whilst plumping skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and replacing lost water in the skin, I knew that this was the product that my skin needed the most. Using another wipe, I smoothly applied the serum and was amazed at how quickly my skin soaked it up. To say it needed this was an understatement. 

Spending more time applying the serum than before, I allowed it to be fully absorbed before heading onto step #6, the Pro Collagen Night Cream. Made to help improve cellular health and to fight off pollution and daily life skin problems, the cream was cool but luxurious to use. It set quickly, leaving me excited to see how much of a different it would make in the morning.

When I woke up, I took a look before repeating the process. My skin was already so much better. There was less oil and I had a healthy glow on my skin. It was a huge boost, especially when the cold months leave such a knock on my health. Priced normally at £123.50, I wouldn’t ever spend this much on skin care monthly, however, I can now see how much good, healthy and fantastic quality higher end products can make.

Whilst I would probably use this more during the winter than the summer, I loved the difference it made. I have encouraged all of my friends to look the brand up, even allowing a few of them to use the product, including my mum, who said it was fantastic in plumping up her skin, whilst she is going through the menopause. 

Face Junkie are a fantastic brand, who have definitely left a mark in my life. I will be buying products this Christmas for my nearest and dearest to try out for sure. To find out more about their range and the products that may just make your Christmas wish list or stocking, head to their website now lovelies. I’m off to start my morning routine! 

Joey X

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