Save The Planet This Christmas With Keep This Cracker!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Crackers are a Christmas dinner table essential. Filled with paper hats, a silly joke and a novelty gift, they have been a true icon for years. If I didn’t have one on my dinner table, I would be outraged! Yet, they aren’t always the cleanest of items. 

With so much mess and plastic, some are horrible when it comes to waste and the planet. However, many companies are now changing their ways and making the crackers and items inside more economical. Though, the best way to ensure this even more is to make your own. 

Last year, me and my mum brought each other a silly gift and wrapped it in reusable cloth. We have agreed to do the same again this December. But, having just been introduced to the fantastic, Keep This Cracker, I may have to do a bit of a redesign! 

Priced at £22 for six, they may seem a bit expensive. However, when you think about how much money we waste on normal crackers, which just go in the bin in the end, it actually works out to be very affordable. Plus, the company are helping us to not add more to the 100 million bags of rubbish, they report, goes into landfills every festive season. 

Made using FSC and PEFC card, the crackers are some of the best in the business. Kindly gifting me a box to try, I was greeted to a flat-packed container, with six red crackers inside. Super easy to assemble though, you simply have to pop them into shape, the crackers come complete with eco friendly low-noise bangs to pop, making them pet friendly, as the crackers don’t need to feature a loud bang if animals don’t like them. However, loud snaps can also be purchased if preferred. Plus, they have enough room for all the items you wish to fill them with. 

Handing them over to my mum, who is the queen of crackers, she easily popped them together. Sampling a sweet from a Christmas tin, she was able to fit three in comfortably, before emptying the item and popping it back down. Safely tucking into its original packaging. All in all helping to safe around £78 over time compared to the disposable ones. 

Looking at the product, you would never think it wasn’t a normal cracker. With a beautiful outer design, generous loud bang and plenty of inner space, the crackers went down a treat. 

Popping in a little item felt super special and I even loved the idea my mum came up with for using them around pets. Especially when you could include or not include the banging strips. Helping to save their little ears from any distress. 

Overall, I was really impressed with the crackers and can’t wait to test them on the big day and again next year. Keep This Cracker are a brand that help you feel reassured, whilst also providing your festive table with a beautiful looking item. 

To find out more about them lovelies, head to their website, where you can find all the different kinds of crackers available. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you! 

Joey X

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